Camels at Sohrab Goth Mandi Super Highway Karachi

Camels at Sohrab Goth Mandi Super Highway Karachi
By: Guest On 11 Sep 2013

Karachi Cow Mandi Camels at Sohrab Goth Mandi 2015:
A Camel Qurbani is Halal the meat of Camel tastes little saltish, people buy camels on Eid AL Adha 2015 (Bakra Eid 2015) Camels Mandi is set aside in Sohrab Goth Mandi, Camels are of black, brown and nowadays camels are designed on back and neck area. Maweshi mandi at super highway is set and there are also camels are present to sell this cow mandi is also called Super Highway Karachi Maweshi mandi. See other photos of bakra mandi peshawar and other areas on hamariweb. This is the photo of Super Highway Gai Mandi where Camels are showcased.

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Reviews on Camels at Sohrab Goth Mandi Super Highway Karachi
malir mandi price waise sahi hai ya sohrab goth andi ..cow k liyeah
imran, karachi Sep 23 2015
What is the rate of camels in Super Highway Gai Mandi karachi?
Baber, khi Sep 09 2015
Some one have any update regarding the price of camels in this year? This time we decide to buy a normal size camel if it is available under one lakh. Last year we saw some black animals in the bakra mandi portion.
tahir, khi Sep 08 2015
Super Highway Gai Mandi is the source of earning for many poor people from villages of sindh lahore and punjab but it think this work should be handled properly by government.
Tahir, khi Sep 05 2015
I like the art which is design in the skin of camels, due to this design it is very expensive in the price. Last year I also saw white camel in the mandi which was very huge in the height, It was very expensive.
izhar, khi Sep 04 2015
Last year the quantity of camel in the super highway mandi was not much, in the goat session I just saw the few animals but I hope this time many of the camels are available in the mandi in which I will buy.
amjad, khi Aug 28 2015
Super Highway Gai Mandi is not as good as malir mandi the price are very high in Super Highway Gai Mandi and sellers are very rude they dont less the prices.
Zeeshan, khi Aug 27 2015
camels in Super Highway Gai cow mandi are very high i would suggest you to not to buy camel from this gai mandi you can go to another mandi fro buying a camel Super Highway Gai Mandi is only good for cows and bakra
bashir, khi Aug 26 2015
karachi Cow Mandi is best mandi in the whole world i was in Lahore last year there mandi was not as big as the karachi Cow Mandi is. in karachi Cow Mandi there is lot of variety.
Farhan, khi Aug 26 2015
hey guys this is Super Highway Gai Mandi, please tell me where i can find camels in Super Highway Gai Mandi?
Fardin, khi Aug 25 2015
I can not see the picture of bakra mandi peshawar... send me link where it is/?
Atf, khi Aug 25 2015
Is Sohrab Goth Karachi Cow Mandi is the biggest in World or Asia?
Ali, khi Aug 25 2015
my neighbor buys camels all the year and this year they bought 2 camels in black color both are very nice and cute and their back is designed
Ubaid, Karachi Oct 01 2014
Today we are going Super Highway Mandi Karachi so let the fun begin we will buy 2 bakra and one cow
Akram, Karachi Sep 29 2014
Super Highway Mandi Karachi is bad i buy cows from a park near to my home in Fb area block 16 the price are little high but you can save truck charges and there is no risk of getting the cow hurt while lending from truck.
Amir, Karachi Sep 27 2014
There is bakra mandi in karachi also set with camels mandi... i do not know why people forget bakras in picture while the eid second name is bakra eid
Asan, Karachi Sep 26 2014
Going Super Highway Mandi Karachi is everyone's dream in bakra eid days i am also willing to go to mandi this is the first time i will go cow mandi
Arsalan, Karachi Sep 26 2014
Super Highway Mandi Karachi is nice place but people over there should be given some felicities i think government should think about them... there are more issues than darna warna in Pakistan.
Hamza, Karachi Sep 25 2014
Super Highway Mandi Karachi is best place to buy animal i prefer visiting that cow mandi.. i do not like cattle farm cows
Saba, Karachi Sep 24 2014
Super Highway Mandi Karachi was awesome i never visit there we live in Malir and buy cows from malir mandi but i am willing to go to Maweshi mandi at super highway and capture photos
Umair, Karachi Sep 23 2014
Super Highway Mandi Karachi is not good place to buy a camel we do camel cow qurbani and we bought our camels from our Village in lahore..
Sultan, Khi Sep 22 2014
What is the starting price of camel in this year? This time i am willing to buy camel and one cow for sacrifice.
owais, khi Sep 20 2014
Super Highway Mandi Karachi is nice and very huge area to showcase animals but does anyone know about the rent you would have to pay for setting up your cow in Mandi... ? Please help me
Ali, Khi Sep 20 2014
Yes Super Highway Mandi Karachi is situated at Sohrab Goth you can visit there you do not have to buy a map or ask someone just drive by yourself and visit Cow Mandi 2014 in Sohrab Goth.
Ali, Khi Sep 19 2014
Is Sohrab Goth Mandi 2014 is situated at Super Highway Karachi..? I am newly shifted in Karachi from Larkana i do not know about places and roads of Karachi neither i have any friend who can help me.
Abdullah, Karachi Sep 18 2014
We make Camels Qurbani each year we buy two camels and three cows and 5 Bakras... This Year In Sha Allah We keep the same figure. we also buy Camels at Sohrab Goth Mandi Super Highway Karachi.
Akram, Khi Sep 17 2014
White cow (bachia)ka rate Kia he
Imran sheikh, Islamabad Aug 05 2014
assalama lykum sir g. whear is your cattle from.
imtiaz, peshawar Jan 10 2014
beauti ful cows.i like cows
manahil, Karachi Sep 30 2013
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