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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta carries on the brand’s tradition of fast, sexy, sleek front-engines cars. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta proportions remain classica...
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Creativity and intelligence has no boundary. A round of applause for the local Pakistani mechanic!
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Pakistani Truck Art Bike: See this Pakistani Truck Art on Bike, in Pakistan trucks and buses are decorated and painted with multiple colors that l...
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Reviews on Autos Photos
SSB 2016 Ducati Xdiavel
Look at the body of this beautiful SSB 2016 Ducati Xdiavel, the tires and the stylish rims give a perfect look. For the bike lovers this such a great invention.
ali, khi Apr 20 2016
SSB 2016 Ducati Xdiavel
The stylish body with metallic color with heavy tires make this SSB 2016 Ducati Xdiavel more stylish which I really like to see.
absar, khi Apr 13 2016
Every thing is awesome in both these cars but I specially like black one because in the black color, it give some arrogant look which I like.
nameer, khi Apr 06 2016
Heavy Bike
Very nice
nokia, faisalabad Sep 19 2015
Australia Using Design Of Pakistani Buses
But they would definitely have Australian Safety standards :P
Sunny, Islamabad Sep 08 2015