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Full Black Bull From Afridi Cattle Farm 2015: Find more cows/ bulls and bakra photos on
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Look at this beautiful big bull from Aamir Dilpasand Cattle Farm 215 in Cow Mandi.
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Cows from Sibi (Sibi Ka Janwar) are famous of their health and size, each year people come from sibi to sell out their household cows for sake of e...
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Bakra Mandi Lahore Pakistan is very famous, people sell their goats in Bakra Mandi Lahore at handsome price, usually these animals are brought up i...
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Watch this beautiful Farm Goat who is playing in the grass, she is wearing jewellery which is making her look more beautiful and cute.
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The view of Bakra Mandi 2015 in night, well this is the view of Bakra Eid 2015 from mandi the picture of bakra and cows in streets is coming soon.
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See this white beautiful Bakra for Bakra Qurbani. Kids love bakra more than cows because they can easily take bakra for walk and play with it which...
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A young Camel is ready to sale in Camel Market, Please share your comments about this young healthy beautiful brown camel. Camel Qurbani 2015, O...
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See a pair of three beautiful camels set for selling purpose in Camel Mandi. The trend of Camel Qurbani is not as high as cows because the rates of...
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we miss u alot shero
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:) my camel
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This my bakra for up coming eid-ul azha
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Cow Lifted Down By Crain In Paposh Nagar Karachi: Cow is lifted to ground who was gown up at the roof top of house in Paposh Nagar... People come ...
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Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2014 that is why this is very huge, healthy and cute. You can see the beauty of this brown and White Cow. His height is equal...
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Funny Angry Bakra On Bakra Eid 2014: This is so, the Bakra got angry when you get to check out his horns. Check out more Cow Mandi Funny Images Ba...
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Things To Consider Before Buying A Cow: There are some informative points to be consider before buying a cow or animal from livestock Cow Mandi 20...
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Bakra Eid 2014 Funny Picture: Bakra Eid also know as (Eid Ul Azha and Eid Al Adha) here is Funny Bakra Eid Picture for you. In this image a wife ...
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Malir Mandi Cows 2015: Malir Mandi is second largest Cow Mandi where Cows and Goats are sold, Watch this picture of Malir Mandi Cows 2015, the cow...
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Bakra Mandi In Karachi Pakistan: This is the night view of Bakra Mandi of Karachi, Pakistan 2014. Bakra Mandi is also set in Sohrab Goth Mandi lik...
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Bakra Mandi Karachi 2014: The group of white Bakra is ready to sell in Karachi Bakra Mandi, they are very beautiful and healthy each bakra would c...
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Very Tall Bakra For Bakra Eid 2014: This Bakra is all grown up in home, he is ready to be sold out in Cow Mandi 2014 (Gai Mandi 2014) or Bakra Man...
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chand bell Picture At Cow Mandi 2014: chand bell is identified because of his moon like horns, take a look on a picture of chand bull in cow mandi...
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Cow Mandi 2015: On every Bakra Eid (Eid al Adha) Cow Mandi is set where people visit to buy animals for Bakra Eid… some buy Cows and some take Goa...
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Malik Cattle Farm: Malik Cattle Farm is well known farm in Karachi, they grow cows and goats in their farmhouse then sell them in Cow Mandi during...
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Mughal Cattle Farm: This the Brown Cow of Mughal Cattle Farm, You can find all the Cattle Farm Pics on Hamariweb Bakra Eid Images Section. We have...
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MEMON CATTLE FARM: This Cow/Bull is White and Brown, he is very cute and very huge, he is wearing Cow jewellery and standing with swag. His physic...
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Noor Cattle Farm: Many people Trust on Noor Cattle farm cows because of their quality cows, this is brown and black cow who is ready for selling o...
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Buksh Cattle Farm: Buying White Cow For Bakra Eid is every one's desire. The price of Beautiful White Cows are it higher than other colored cows. ...
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Baba Ansari Cattle Farm: Baba Ansari Cattle Farm cows are huge and very big. They are fit and grown in homes, so that is why they are very friendl...
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khan cattle farm: Khan Cattle Farm cows are very huge and big. They provide special nutrition food to their animals that is why they are soo big a...
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Amir dilpasand cattle farm 2015: This cows belongs to Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2015 that is why this is very huge, healthy and cute. You can see...
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Afridi Cattle Farm: Yes this is your favorite Cricketer Shahid Afridi's Cattle Farm Cow. Afridi Cattle Farm is known for its huge and giant cows. ...
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Punjab Cattle Farm: Punjabi Cows are very huge and Healthy more even you’re thinking... this is Punjab Cattle Farm Cow photos on the screen as you...
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Tooba Cattle Farm: Here is Tooba Cattle Farm Cow Pic... This cow is red in color in night it looks like brown and in sunlight the color shades cha...
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Rajput Cattle Farm 2015: Cow with three colors white, black and brown the most three common colors are in this one cow. This rare cow belongs to R...
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RANA Cattle Farm: Thsi Black Huge Cow is Rana's Cattle farm Cow. Rana Cattle Farm is in Lahore Pakistan. They not only farm cows, they also farm D...
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Rahman Cattle Farm: This Beautiful White Cow Belongs to Rahman Cattle Farm, Rahman cattle farm started in 2008 and since the date it is started Ra...
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Qadri Cattle Farm:
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Reviews on Bakra Eid Photos
Camels at Sohrab Goth Mandi Super Highway Karachi
Last year the quantity of camel in the super highway mandi was not much, in the goat session I just saw the few animals but I hope this time many of the camels are available in the mandi in which I will buy.
amjad, khi Aug 28 2015
288.5 kg goat in Faisalabad
I don’t think so the weight of goat is a big issue but may be the color and the beauty is depend on the region where it belongs to, this goat may be the cross breed of gulabi nasal goat which becomes very healthy.
altaf, khi Aug 28 2015
Special Bakra
Wow! May be the guardian of this bakra give the training to sit on the sofa and eat clean food because many of the goats also drink dirty water, any one tell me that in which mandi this bakra was sold out?
arbaz, khi Aug 28 2015
Huge Australian Bull
Look at the length of this huge australian bull which I see in this image, I am not sure in which farm I saw this bull but I got remembered that last year it was appeared in the mandi, I have also a pic of it.
alam, khi Aug 28 2015
Beautiful White Bull
In the white color I specially like the spots in the eyes which make it more beautiful, this type of animals are not much in the large quantity in the market that is why It is very expensive due to the shortage.
amir, khi Aug 28 2015