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Bakra Eid 2015 Images - Find here the latest cow mandi of Sohrab Goth animal pictures, bakra eid 2015 pics gallery from famous cattle farm 2015 like Dilpasand Cattle Farm, Surmawala Cattle Farm, Shah Cattle farm, Lasania Cattle Farm, Afridi Cattle Farm & others. Get the most famous bakra eid qurbani photos and bakra eid images online. HamariWeb photos section bringing you the best Pakistani Cows, bakra, dumba and camels pics available on the internets. Get huge collection submitted by users, Find and share the craze of bakra eid qurbani janwer latest photos & pictures with your friends on facebook, whatapp and twitter. Read more »

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Now the price are down on animals, you can buy a baby goat for next year Bakra Eid.
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bakra Eid has gone and craze of animals is not as trendy as it was in those days, here are some picture to remind those Bakra Eid days.
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W & B Farm looks very neat and clean comparing to other local farm.
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Its 2015 where capturing Selfie has become trend, its like an addiction that leaves no one in the city, when everyone is taking Selfies why not ou...
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This beautiful brown and black heavy cow is running and photographer captured the photo, the most attractive thing in this picture is the dusty gro...
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How would you rate this beautiful long haired goat from 10. Please comment in the comment box below and give your marks to this gorgeous goat.
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This year Dilpasand Cattle Farm introduces Sibi Cows for Sibi Bull Lovers. Sibbi Cows are known for their height and beauty just like this good loo...
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A pair of beautiful white and black spotted cows from Fazal Cattle Farm 2015 in Sohrab Goth Gai Mandi. How many likes for them.
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Check out this beautiful picture of cow that has heart picture on his leg and stomach area.
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Check out this picture of beautiful white Dumba for qurbani, this picture is not from cow mandi but you can also find other barka photos.
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Check out this picture of beautiful black shinny bull from Surmawala Cattle Farm. For more Bakra Eid Videos and images visit hamariweb.
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Visit Surti Cattle Farm 2015 and do not forget to take pictures with bakra and cows then must upload on hamariweb. we will show these pictures to o...
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You will fall in love with this beautiful white cute healthy bakra, share your bakra images on
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This cow belongs to Nobal Cattle Farm, visit for more photos and video about bakra eid and cattle farms.
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Check the picture of this black heavy sand bull from Dilpasand Cattle Farm House 2015. Check out more cow and bakra photos on
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A bakra having three horns is fake or real?
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Huge heavy chand bull from Karachi Super Highway Mandi 2015 demands 950000 and weight is 18 to 20 mun.
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A photo of two most beautiful well decorated white cows from Afrdi Cattle Farm 2015 in Gai Mandi.
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This cow belongs to Surti Cattle Farm 2015, the time is running short if you wanna buy your desired cow just go to Cow mandi now and purchase a cow...
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See the height of this big giant black bull from Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm.
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Full Black Bull From Afridi Cattle Farm 2015: Find more cows/ bulls and bakra photos on
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Look at this beautiful big bull from Aamir Dilpasand Cattle Farm 215 in Cow Mandi.
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Reviews on Bakra Eid Photos
White Beauty From Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi 2015 Cattle Farm
My Bakra Eid Cow
Bakra eid special
Haider mirza, Faisalabad Sep 27 2015
Beautiful Huge Cow
The first pic is awsome.
shahroz, karachi Sep 26 2015
Beautiful Huge Cow
I like the first cow.
shahroz, karachi Sep 26 2015
Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm
i like It...........very NiCe
bilalch, lahore Sep 24 2015