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The historic day when Pakistan become first Islamic state that holds Atom Bomb. On this day Pakistan did five Atomic blast and crushed down the att...
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Good to see KPK Government making progress, Solar Power tubewells set in Marghuz Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
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Baadshah Pehalwan Khan from Rawalpindi, Pakistan with high aims (Pakistani ksi say kum nhe) represents the Pakistani wrestlers in the WWE. Baadshah...
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Philippines ambassadors among 8 killed in Gilgit Pakistan army helicopter crashed in Naltar area of Gilgit on Friday, a photo of Martyrs Major Fais...
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First time Pakistani candidates secures victory in UK Elections.
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Very impressing message written on the back of local Rickshaw "The Rickshaw is available free for patients to reach hospital".
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This baby is second who is born by Pakistani Doctors in Nepal. The baby was named PAKISTAN
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Yes this is Gwadar, I am sure for a while you though its a picture of some Foreign country like Dubai and etc.
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Pray for people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, May Allah protect all of us from these natural disasters like Mini Cyclone in KPK.
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Look at the difference between the Army Guard of Honor of Pakistan when china President came to visit and the Indian Army Guard Of Honor when US pr...
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A moment of proud for parents of Erum Awan, she has become the First Women ASP in Sindh Police.
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Ma Sha Allah, The most beautiful couple of Pakistan Army Major Haris And Captain Sana.
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Daughters of Nations, Pakistani Women Army Parade at 23 March 2015 Pakistan Day. Nation Proud on you beloved daughters.
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This is Communication And Information Technology Concept Vehicle Exibited On 23 March Pakistan Day.
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23 March Pakistan Day Parade Performance: You can see the magnificent colors in the sky, this is like a rainbow, a highlight from the Pakistan Day...
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Salute To The Brave Officer: He lost his legs but his is Enthusiastic still as it was on his first day when he joined Army. Salute To The Brave Of...
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Pakistani People take cricket very seriously, they do some arrangements to watch Pakistan playing in stadium... and they love the team also but wha...
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This is the latest picture of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park Bahawalpur, there are thousand of solar energy producers have been set which will help in com...
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Students Resume Academic Session At ‪‎Army Public School‬: Their aims are higher than the fear of losing life, kids has started going to schools i...
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New Islamabad Airport Work in Progress: International Islamabad Airport construction is almost done but the detailing work is still in progress he...
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Hundreds Of Pakistani Santas Marched In Defiance Of The Taliban: On killing 132 students and nine teachers the members of Karachi’s Christian comm...
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Lok Virsa Museum is located in Islamabad, it shows Pakistan's cultural heritage, inside the museum you will see different life styles of Pakistani ...
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Ayubia National Park, the place got this name after the second president of Pakistan Muhammad Ayub Khan, the park is located in an east corner of K...
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Golra Sharif is situated near Margalla Hills. Golra Sharif is very important place for the people of the Pothohar Plateau and they come here to cel...
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Jheel Park is also known as Society park located near Tariq Road in P.E.H.S karachi, Jheel Park is constructed at 25 acres of land. The water in pa...
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Rawal Lake is artificial lake that fulfills the need of water to the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The water comes from Margala Hills, Rawal ...
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One of the most famous marketplace in Karachi Pakistan is Empress Market located in Saddar Karachi, the market (Empress Market) was constructed in ...
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Gullu Butt Dhaba Opened At Khadda Market Karachi: Now a days Gullu Butt is famous name, because of that much popularity they diceded to opened a D...
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Western Tourists Wait At Bus Stand In Sibi Balochistan 1975: Pakistan was once a peaceful country that people used to come, visit historical place...
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Shalimar Bagh, Lahore: Shalimar Bagh is also written as Shalamar Gardens, this Mughal garden is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. Shalimar Bagh is ver...
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Saad Haroon Stands 2nd In World Funniest Person Contest: Another moment of proud for Pakistan, Saad Haroon took second position in world funniest ...
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Multan Metro Bus Design and Route Plan: Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif stated on Thursday 23th Oct 2014 that 30 Kilometer long rout will...
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Pakistan To Host Commonwealth Session Next Year: More than two hundred parliamentarians from 53 countries of the Commonwealth have selected Pakist...
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11 September Quaid-e-Azam Death Anniversary: Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer, politician, and the founder of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam ...
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Great Pakistani People
Wao dil dil pakistan jan jan pakistan i love my pakistan
Dr sajjad ali bhati, Lahore May 24 2015
Pakistan Army Zindabad
I love pakistan army. PAK ARMY LONG LIVE ......... . I WANT JOB IN PAK ARMY
mustafa hashmi, takhtbhai May 23 2015
HYPERSTAR, Karachi, Pakistan
Pharm.Dr.Zakiullah Khan, Karachi May 18 2015
Pakistan's Soldiers 19th most smartly-dressed female Army
I m so intrested in army .army is my pasion. So I want to join army
sana rani, rawalpindi May 12 2015
Nadra Smart ID Card
Sir i have applied for NICOP to travel to UAE now i am in UAE and unfortunately i lost the Token that has given by the NADRA after applying for NICOP to collect the card when its ready....What i suppose to do now to get the my ID for Oversease as i even don't have the tracking number that were mention on the token. Please help me in that regard and give me the any possible solution. Regards:
adil abbasi, ISLAMABAD May 07 2015