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Check out this funny exam sheet of student, he must got 100 marks in kidding and zero marks in actual result.
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True friendship is when you walk in your friend's house and your wifi connects automatically.
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There are two golden rules of happy marriage, 1: wife is always right and 2: If you think you are right than slap on your face and recall rule numb...
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In office employee to boss: My wife wants outdoor vacation i need leave. Boss: sorry no leave. employee: Thank you boss i knew you will help me...
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Donkey to his friend dong: my owner hits me bad. Dog: Then why don't you run away? Donkey: Just because my owner says to his daughter, study oth...
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Wife was giving her husband a lecture on looking at other woman like a donkey who never sees other female donkey. Husband replied that's why he is ...
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We all have done this at least once in life, that fake walk and say to shopkeeper, Itne me dena he tu do...
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Well that's quite true, the police station will look like Formless without Ayaan Ali. Meanwhile in Adiala Jail.
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Kid offering prayer and making all his Avengers toys to offer prayer behind him, he is such a Religious Kid.
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This is how our activities got changed during the whole month of Ramadan to Eid Day.
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From Nilam Ghar to Inam Ghar the prize winning game show family. Tariq Aziz as grand father, Amir Liaquat as dad, Fahad Mustafa as son and Sahir Lo...
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Komal Rizvi's Selfie Memes Meanwhile in Pakistan the Selfie of Komal Rizvi gone viral on internet and social media.
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The best school memory, the one who make noise will be seated with girls in the class.
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People would become more religious if Internet is also shut down in Pakistan during Ramadan like Satan is closed.
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Nowadays the craze of posting pictures on Facebook is spreading, like she is not letting anyone to take a bite before she takes enough pictures to ...
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Desi people are habitual of exaggerating of things and happenings specially if related to any celebrity.
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Because of majority of Pakistani girls upload such photos as Facebook picture the CNIC photo will be like in future like this.
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A kid asked question to an old man that why do sit on ground always? old man replied: Do you have any problem??? . Buzurg rocked and kid shocked.
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excessive heat in weather can be figure out but this example, the wet cloths get dried as they hang on rope and dry cloths get wet as we wear them ...
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? Which one is your favorite Pakora, Aloo, Piyaz, Mirch and Palak Pakora
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Because of very hot weather in Karachi the menu of iftar of people has changed by this picture above.
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The weather of Karachi is getting hot day by day that you can cook chicken outside your window easily.
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Because of hot weather that starts with may and goes to september, the names of months in Pakistan should be like this.
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Instead of iftari all the smokers wait to azaan just to smoke a cigaret.
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People eat a lot of meal in Sehri so this is how they look like before sehri and after sehri.
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This is how we look like when we drink water by mistake in Ramadan that to forget we are fasting.
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Seems funny, a mother put note on fridge as reminder that we are fasting.
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People be like on the first sehri of Ramadan. Looks like they will drink the whole water in the bottle.
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True story, in normal days we don't even know the timing of Magrib prayer but during Ramadan we know it because of fasting.
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Once again very talented cartoonist Shahzaib Hussain add humor on upcoming event Ramadan.
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Mother to son: tell me who is tipu sultan? Son: I do not know, Mother: Focus on study Son: tell me who is Nausheen Aunty? Mother: I do not know...
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Two things slips very fast in your hand, one is time and second is Aam Ki Guthli. Funny Mango Joke
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It is going to be a problem for Karachi women to chose the right color helmet that suites to their dresses on Eid.
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One day we will loss each other by thinking, why would i like his profile picture on Facebook when he does not like mine.
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Love marriage, joints problem and attracting lover are the problems of Karachi if you notice the ads paintings on walls around Karachi.
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The mystery of chicken or egg who came first is solved now, the chicken found her name first in the dictionary so according to him the chicken came...
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Looks like the student was getting bore with lecture so he made and awesome addition in the picture of book. The awesome productivity in class.
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Tough question paper is not that big sorrow in exam as big as to be sit in very first seat in the examination hall.
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Now a days the story of Pakistani pigeon is hot in India, India has taken it too damn seriously this pic tells enough.
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In hot summer weather the only motivation to go to office is AC.
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A simple picture that tells everything about how a man spent a day and how a woman spent the whole day.
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