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Reviews on Funny Photos
Hahahah... Its True
Really the situation of any student in the examination hall is just like same when he check that he can do every thing in the paper, I like this photo.
waqar, lhr May 23 2016
People In Summer
Hahaha… In this hot summer the conditions especially the Karachities are just like same this photo. I am still laughing to view this funny photo.
affan, khi May 20 2016
Ramadan Funny
This photo is so true, I don’t know why every one purchase so many groceries before the month of Ramadan although Ramadan is a fast month.
hussain, khi May 17 2016
Ramzan Funny
Lol! The upcoming month of Ramadan may be so hot so mostly peoples have the same situation, just to keep fast for the purpose of eating Iftar.
ghazal, lhr May 17 2016
Brother Sister
I think this photo of Shahrukh Khan may be taken from the new movie 'Fan'. This Photo is very funny which I like.
sadaf, khi May 10 2016