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Reviews on Funny Photos
Original, First Copy & China
Hahaha... After Gangnam dance the Caribbean team introduce a new way of celebration. Umar Akmal made fun after took the catch of West Indies batsman.
nabeel, khi Sep 29 2016
So True
Yesterday I also tried to find the Nails Cutter but could not succeed to find out but usually I can see this instrument in any where.
jawed, khi Sep 26 2016
The 4 Stages At 8 A.M Lecture
This photo 'Four stages at 8 A.M lecture' recalled my college days because my situation was just similar when I attend Physics lecture in morning.
wareesha, khi Sep 24 2016
When You Boiled Milk
Hahaha! Really it is happen many times when you boiled milk. Only due to this reason now we use packet milk because it dont need to boil.
fareed, khi Sep 22 2016
This bench is looking like a kitkat chocolate, I think someone deliberately designed this bench like this shape. I feel laugh to view this photo.
fareed, khi Sep 20 2016