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Where is your partner
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The desing of bikes changes in all new model, in old times the bike seats used to be straight and couples sits straight then in next models bike se...
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Pakistani political thriller upcoming movie Maalik will release on 2015. The movie is directed and produced by Ashir Azeem, Ashir Azeem also act in...
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User: Hello PTCL, my internet is not working properly. PTCL: Please wait we are also having same problem.
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This tea cup is best for whose who you do not want to visit your home for having tea.
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Technology is not progressing actually technology is changing its size and shape as seen in this Funny Technology Ad picture.
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You will become point of laugh if you are not taking care of your rapidly increasing weight.
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This is how you look like when you are sitting at hair dresser and your hair dresser leaves you in middle for having tea.
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Mothers are always pictured doing compromising for their children but this mother is not regular mother so that we give her award of Mother of The ...
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WWE is soo wired game, everyone fights for the belt but nobody wears the pant.
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After fighting all the long wife to husband: I think we both should compromise, you say sorry and i will forgive you... Hahaha
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A boy is talking about an app whatsapp but the girl who does not know what is whatsapp giving him funny replies on his questions.
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Husband: Me pesse jor rha hon. Wife: I know you want to buy me a new iPhone. Husband: No you crazy woman, mera matlub tha ke note phat gaya he us...
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On the left side of picture are boys emotions while taking selfie photo and on the right side its girls emotions for taking selfie photo.
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Check out this funny exam sheet of student, he must got 100 marks in kidding and zero marks in actual result.
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True friendship is when you walk in your friend's house and your wifi connects automatically.
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There are two golden rules of happy marriage, 1: wife is always right and 2: If you think you are right than slap on your face and recall rule numb...
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In office employee to boss: My wife wants outdoor vacation i need leave. Boss: sorry no leave. employee: Thank you boss i knew you will help me...
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Donkey to his friend dong: my owner hits me bad. Dog: Then why don't you run away? Donkey: Just because my owner says to his daughter, study oth...
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Wife was giving her husband a lecture on looking at other woman like a donkey who never sees other female donkey. Husband replied that's why he is ...
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We all have done this at least once in life, that fake walk and say to shopkeeper, Itne me dena he tu do...
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Well that's quite true, the police station will look like Formless without Ayaan Ali. Meanwhile in Adiala Jail.
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Kid offering prayer and making all his Avengers toys to offer prayer behind him, he is such a Religious Kid.
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This is how our activities got changed during the whole month of Ramadan to Eid Day.
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From Nilam Ghar to Inam Ghar the prize winning game show family. Tariq Aziz as grand father, Amir Liaquat as dad, Fahad Mustafa as son and Sahir Lo...
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Komal Rizvi's Selfie Memes Meanwhile in Pakistan the Selfie of Komal Rizvi gone viral on internet and social media.
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No bed bt good
Shakeel khan, Mianwali Nov 04 2015
The Iftar Menu
Hamza, Cht14033 Oct 20 2015
Siasi Lateefay
I also like the siasi lateefay in this site but I want to share some more new quotes and funny statements against the political parties, how can I share it in this site, any one tell me the procedure.
annie, khi Oct 19 2015
Zubaida Apa Totkay For Sweet Dreams
Lolz! No one try this funny totka by Zubaida aapa for the seet dreams, some peoples make fun of her but no doubt her many totkays are full of working in which I also use some in the daily routine.
rija, khi Oct 19 2015
Siasi Lateefay
I love siasi comedy
Imran sahi, Sailkot Oct 10 2015