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Funny Photos – The element of happiness and joy has been moving away from your life. Never ending troubles, tensions and workloads makes you stress. Anything that can bring a smile on your face these days is a blessing. View More

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Reviews on Funny Photos
When your sister not at home
Hahaha.. I couldn’t control my self when I watch this funny photo. He is really looking like a woman but this is a famous uniform of the prince.
saleem, khi Feb 12 2016
Modern Mom
Hahaha... Yes, wifi is the only reason in every home, due to this every thing going difficult to do specially the kids enjoy funny videos in the phone.
saleem, khi Feb 11 2016
Conditions of Teacher In School
hahaha! Really the same thing thing happen specially for the montessori session teachers those control the kids, this such a funny video.
moin, khi Feb 05 2016
Cuteness Overloaded
Lol! This cute baby is so cute, make up make it really overloaded. Many peoples do the same thing when baby take some rest.
naseem, khi Feb 03 2016
Selfie of the year
wow! Look at the selfie stick which is very funny but it give such a good idea to make selfie, I will also try this idea.
hamza, khi Feb 03 2016