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No matter how truly love is in the end Khandan Ke Boys like Khala And Phuphi wins.
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A picture above shows a boy waiting for the day to come when his phupho stop messes around and he passed his whole life that day did not come. Just...
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The best thing about summers you can cancel all your plans by saying, Its very hot today we will meet some other day.
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Things which are useless in Pakistan: Seat belts, traffic signals and the younger son in house.
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The picture one is Islamabad, the picture two is Lahore and the picture three is Karachi.
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This is actually a Afsosnak moment when you says Acha ainda nahi karonga and you mom continues to lecture and may be you got slapped.
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Lose and argument and say sorry or win argument make her angry and then say sorry.
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Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say during the fight with your friend, Bhai tu jeet gaya aur me hara... ab Khush.
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At least we have that talent to pass the bike through the broken side of speed breaker... We all are soo talented, isn't it?
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Your kids are Farmabardar if they do so, not leaving the bed till mom screams loud is also a kind of Farmabardari.
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Two networks works very fast one Email and second is Female, both can transfer the from here to there in seconds.
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That's true some of our friends are soo mean they make friendship with you for their own sake just like the picture says.
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Your hairs look the best when you're sitting at the saloon waiting for the haircut. Fahad
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After memory washing doctor to patient: Do you remember anything belongs to your past life? Patient: The only thing i remember is my wife's name...
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Mujhe subha subha ese Uthaya jata hai jese border par Hamla hogaya ho or mein akhiri fouji bacha hon :D
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Moms be like on dinner time. Come fast on the dinner turn off the internet and come, and when you come she says. Wait 10 minutes.
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The best user for the web browser that no uses ever internet Explorer is turtle.
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This is how Microsoft would be if this system was designed in India. On the past option there would be Chipkale Saiyan Fevicol Say.
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Do you want to know how girls take selfies, alright here comes the cat who can show you exactly how they take selfie pics.
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Two people on earth watch each other with Anguish , married couple sees singles and single sees married couples.
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Its a kind of poetry between student and teacher, student says why couldn't you pass and teachers says why didn't you study whole year.
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In English marriages: WOW what great couple... In Desi marriages: Baji i can swear the dulhan's necklace seems to be artificial not Gold.
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Where English people go on vacation: Fishing, Camping, Mountain Climbing, Picnic. Where Pakistani people go on vacation: Nani Ke Ghar.
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Bf told her GF he had an accident and broke his leg and girl replied, i also broke my nail... Seems like all she cares about her nails beauty.
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This is how a students exams day seems like, before exams started, when exam started, when it is end and when results come out.
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Vin Diesel: It does not matter you win by an inch or mile, winning is winning. Me: It dose not matter you pass by 45% or 95% passing is passing. L...
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Wife joins English speaking class and after few days: Wife: welcome home darling. Husband: i am very tired today. Wife: Ok Rest in peace... :P
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Girl took selfie and stare at it 48 hours then delete it, Reason: the side hairs was not properly it was curled.
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Here is the funniest example of Active And Passive, wife: sony ki chain kab dogay? Husband: chain se sony kab dogi?
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Teacher asked papu: what happened in 1876? papu: Quaid-e-Azam born. Teacher: very good now tell me what happened in 1880? Papu: Quaid-e-Azam was 4 ...
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The Best Answer - Funny Joke: Drring Exam girl asked to Papu, just tell me the starting of this answer i will write rest of, papu replied: The
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In our class we are taught Sindhi for whole year but in the end we only learn two sentences.
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This is the life of Pakistani Boy, they are born to get dahi from doodh wala.
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All the innocent men in the world are because of women, some because of fear of wife and some for the Maidens interest.
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WC 1983 India, WC 1987 Australia, WC 1992 Pakistan. WC 2011 India, WC 2015 Australia And WC 2019 ... You know what i mean.
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Miss Call And Chappal Bahar Utare: What is the difference between miss call and Chappal leave outside, in both you are scared of Koi Utha Na Leee.
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Do you know there are three places where people can not die, One Heaven, Second Hell and Third is Indian TV Serials.
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Here is the complete chart of an student's exams life, I am sure this is your routine too when you suffer with this Exams fever.
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This is how it feels like and it sees like when you are locked at home for exams preparation and your friends are out playing.
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Wife was on shopping with her husband a beggar came and said, princess give me money i am very poor and blind, husband in joky mood said: give him ...
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Wife to her husband: what if i ever go to my mother's home? how would you feel? Husband: Mauqa Mauqa.
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