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Reviews on Islamic & Religious Photos
Roza Rakhne Ki Dua
I saved this dua in my smart phone, actually I tried many times to learn this dua but couldn’t success to learn that’s why I download it.
wadiya, khi May 17 2016
Iftar Ki Dua
Subhan Allah! May Allah except all the worships and except our Fasts which we only keep for the sake of Allah. He is so merciful and kindness.
ubaid, khi May 17 2016
Aaj Ki Achi Baat - Bura Waqt Aur Acha Waqt
With the help of this page I am success to download many religious photos which I share with my friends, 'Aaj ki achi baat' is also give a love message.
yamin, khi May 17 2016
Ayyam e Ramzan ki Dua
Rehmat, Mughfirat and Nijat are the Ashras in which the month of Ramadan based. We should ask Allah all the three important things for the success.
yasir, khi May 17 2016
Ramzan Ke Pehle Ashray Ki Dua
Almighty Allah is so kindness and merciful, I hope He except all our all the wishes for the sake of this blessings month of Ramadan.
wahaj, khi May 17 2016