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Oh Allah! forgive our all great and smalls sins. Jumma Mubarak
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Holly place Makkah will rebuild in future this is the design of new Makkah, they add date trees and use blue color. The lines will help people to t...
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Oh Allah! we are not drinking water for the sake of you and Ramadan, Oh Allah give us Jam E Kausar on the day of judgement.
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If you love Allah it becomes worship, If you love Religion it becomes Imaan, If you love your spouse it becomes happy life but if you love money it...
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Mother and father are the world's greatest blessings.
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Wishing all of you the very first Friday of Ramadan, such a coincidence 1 Jumma of Ramadan and 1 Ramadan both on same day.
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No music, no fight, no bad talk, no lies, no abusing no waste time on this Ramadan we are gonna pray only In Sha Allah.
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This picture shows the fasting hours of the world according to the year 2015.
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knife didnt kill Hazrat Ismail AS, fire didnt burn Ibrahim AS, whale didnt eat Hazrat Younus AS, sea didnt drawn Hazrat Musa AS... Be with Allah an...
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One who cries in Sajda, never cries on his fate... Jumma Mubarak
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The Nation will live with peace when markets and shops would close on calling prayer rather than the voice of bullet.
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Former Chief of The Army Staff Ashfaq Pervez Kayani was spotted with Maulana Tariq Jameel.
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Never say you are unlucky, its your luck that you Allah born you in Muslim Family. Jumma Mubarak
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The example of with and without lollipop best suites on woman wearing hijab and without hijab. This is why Hijab has importance in Islam.
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I am sure after watching this picture you will Say Subhan Allah but its not done here, also think about you, why you are not offering Namaz?
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May Allah make this Holly day Friday the way of Blessing for us and our Families. Jumma Mubarak
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Insan Ka Nafs (Human's ones innersole) is the first tug of battle, fight with it and know are you a slave or free.
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Presenting you one of the story of Pakistani religious and Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel. Read it and share with friends.
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Ramadan Mubarak 2015: The Holy month of Ramadan is coming soon wish all the visitors A Ramadan Mubarak, May you avail all the Blessi...
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Three things may distance you from Allah, one to thing you have much good Acts, to forget your bad acts and to thing yourself better than other. Ju...
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Shab e Qadr 2015: Shab e Qadr also known as Laylatul Qadr, the Surah has various meanings in English such as the Night of Destiny, Night of Power,...
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Reciting dua at the time of iftar is essential. Muslims observing fast should recite this dua as a token of appreciation of Allah’s blessings. Roza...
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This page brings you an exclusive Rozay ki Dua that you can recite to open the fast. The dua has its significance for thankfulness towards Allah Al...
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Dua for opening fast is easily accessible to all. You can read, memorize and share it among your family and friends to get the unlimited blessings....
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Get all new Ramadan Wallpapers and Images in HD quality that best suits to your Facebook cover or you can save them as your desktop wallpaper. We...
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Ramadan Kareem 2015 is about to arrive. The month of Ramadan is ready to shower unlimited blessings and forgiveness on Muslims. Download the Ramada...
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Ramadan is the month of forgiveness and to earn good deeds. It is the greatest religious observance in Islam. This is page where you can find concl...
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Ramadan is the mouth of fasting and this page is dedicated to upcoming Ramadan season. Here you can find Ramadan oriented Wallpapers, SMS, Cards, N...
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We can clean dirty cloths by washing them but what to do for cleaning the dirt on heart? The only way to get spirits clean is Following Quran and S...
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Teacher and Student in one picture, yes Dr. Israr Ahmed is one of the great teachers of Dr. Zakir Naik.
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Jumma Mubarak - Man Power: The example of man power is he is dependent on Allah even for his next breath.
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Rishton Ki kamzori: Weakness in relations took place when we misunderstand things and start assumptions.
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Education is no use if never applied on one's life just like a lamp is no use without its light.
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If one would come to know the rain of blessing during Sajood, then he does not raise his head from prostration.
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Like sunlight from the little holes on wall indicated the sun rises likewise our little acts tells about our Ikhlaq.
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Quran Ki Roshni - Jumma Mubarak; Oh Allah Subhana Watala! fill our hearts with loving light of Quran.... Ameen.
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Oh Lord! give me my results in the right hand on the day of judgment... Ameen Jumma Mubarak.
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Work for your Akhirat and for your daily works Allah will send help and blessings.
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Likewise man can not enjoy the taste of food in illness just as man could never enjoy the true feelings of prayer in the presents of sins.
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