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May Allah make this Holly day Friday the way of Blessing for us and our Families. Jumma Mubarak
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Insan Ka Nafs (Human's ones innersole) is the first tug of battle, fight with it and know are you a slave or free.
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Presenting you one of the story of Pakistani religious and Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel. Read it and share with friends.
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Three things may distance you from Allah, one to thing you have much good Acts, to forget your bad acts and to thing yourself better than other. Ju...
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Reciting dua at the time of iftar is essential. Muslims observing fast should recite this dua as a token of appreciation of Allah’s blessings. Roza...
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This page brings you an exclusive Rozay ki Dua that you can recite to open the fast. The dua has its significance for thankfulness towards Allah Al...
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Dua for opening fast is easily accessible to all. You can read, memorize and share it among your family and friends to get the unlimited blessings....
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Welcome the month of Ramadan with religious values and enthusiasm. HamariWeb brings you an exclusive page of Ramadan Mubarak Wallpapers that you ca...
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Ramadan Kareem 2015 is about to arrive. The month of Ramadan is ready to shower unlimited blessings and forgiveness on Muslims. Download the Ramada...
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Ramadan is the month of forgiveness and to earn good deeds. It is the greatest religious observance in Islam. This is page where you can find concl...
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Ramadan is the mouth of fasting and this page is dedicated to upcoming Ramadan season. Here you can find Ramadan oriented Wallpapers, SMS, Cards, N...
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We can clean dirty cloths by washing them but what to do for cleaning the dirt on heart? The only way to get spirits clean is Following Quran and S...
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Teacher and Student in one picture, yes Dr. Israr Ahmed is one of the great teachers of Dr. Zakir Naik.
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Jumma Mubarak - Man Power: The example of man power is he is dependent on Allah even for his next breath.
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Rishton Ki kamzori: Weakness in relations took place when we misunderstand things and start assumptions.
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Education is no use if never applied on one's life just like a lamp is no use without its light.
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If one would come to know the rain of blessing during Sajood, then he does not raise his head from prostration.
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Like sunlight from the little holes on wall indicated the sun rises likewise our little acts tells about our Ikhlaq.
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Quran Ki Roshni - Jumma Mubarak; Oh Allah Subhana Watala! fill our hearts with loving light of Quran.... Ameen.
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Oh Lord! give me my results in the right hand on the day of judgment... Ameen Jumma Mubarak.
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Work for your Akhirat and for your daily works Allah will send help and blessings.
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Likewise man can not enjoy the taste of food in illness just as man could never enjoy the true feelings of prayer in the presents of sins.
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Belief, satisfaction, health and fitness. You are destined to wield the provision Amen
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Change your self or act like a good man then automatically one bad person will be removed or amend from this world.
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Neki (Goodness) is what which is never done for show off and does not contain if and buts.
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Nothing much, all I want the moment never ends when my love ones are happy... Jumma Mubarak, Have a very blessed Friday.
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Allah Se Wo Mango Jo Tumhare Haq Me Behtar Ho, Na Ke Woh Jo Tum Chahte Ho, Ho Sakta He Tumhari Chahat Bohat Kam Ho Aur Tumhara Haq Bohat Zada
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Sache Taluqat Pani Ki Tarah Hote Hain, Jin Ka Na Koi Ran, Na Koi Shakal, Na Koi Jagah, Magar phir bhi zindagi Ke liye buhat ahem hote hen.
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May Allah give comfort to your sleep, Accept prayers, Grant you comfort and countless delights of the heart and smiles in the shadow you will alway...
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Khuda Se Jab Bhi Mango Muqaddar Mango "Aqal"nahi , Kyu ke main ne bohat se "Aqal" walon ko "Muqadar Walon" ke dar pe dekha hai. Hazrat Ali R.A
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Always Faith In Allah because in this whole big universe Allah is only one pleased faster then anything in this world.
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Badgumani Aur Bad Zubani Do Aise Amal Hain Jo Insan Ke Kamal Ko Zawal Main Badal Dete Hen.
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Want nothing much from this life Oh Lord, Just don't let someone hurt because of me.
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Allah Kisi Ke Sath Na Insafi Nahi Karta, Woh Tu Bas Sirf Azmata Hai, Aur Sabar Karne Walon Ko Mitha Phal Milta Hai.
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Sab Se Achi Hijrat, The Best Migration: Sab Se Achi Hijrat Gunahon Se Nikiyon Ki Taraf Aana Hai.
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Woh Ata Kare Tu Shukar Uska, Woh Na De Tu Malal Nahi. Mere Rab Ke Faisle Kamal Hain, In Faislon Mein Zawal Nahi
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Islamic Poetry - Jumma Mubarak: Allah ke huzoor mein sar jhuka ke dekh, Milta hai kia namaz main sajde mein ja kar dekh.
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Achy Dost (Good Friends) are like stars you can not see them but they are with you all the time.
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Reviews on Islamic & Religious Photos
Shab e Barat Ki Fazeelat In Urdu
Very very informative for Muslims around the world you must add that information in English language so that non Urdu speaking can also understand this and understand our Religion Islam.
Madiha, Karachi May 28 2015
Shab e Barat - Maghfirat Aur Shafaat Ki Raat
Pray as much as you can pray till you reach to that level when you only hear one voice which is the sound of your own heart beat and your heart beat says Allah Allah Allah. Shab e Barat Mubarak in advance all Muslims of the world.
Haroon, Karachi May 28 2015
Laylatul Qadr
Laylatul qadr is over thousand months of nights, Allah please repent ours sins and also give us hidayat for not doing or repeating them again in future.
Qadir, Karachi May 28 2015
Shab e Qadr Ki Dua in Urdu
I was badly searching for Shab e Qadr Ki Dua in Urdu translation thanks hamariweb for sharing this nice information with us.
Eman, Karachi May 28 2015
Shab e Qadr Ki Dua
Nobody knows which one is the Shab e Qadr so i think we should recite this Shab e Qadr Ki Dua on each last ten nights of the holy month of Ramadan.
Zubair, Karachi May 28 2015