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Reviews on Islamic & Religious Photos
Hadith About Forgiveness - Jumma Mubarak
Nice words post Achi achi pot kry ...
Nasir , Shor kot cantt Jun 08 2017
Roza Rakhne Ki Dua
What Dua is this? "I am indenting to having fast for tomorrow in the month of Ramadan". When we eat Sahri today then the fast will be for today. How tomorrow comes in the picture?
Mohd Mazahirul Hassan, New Delhi May 28 2017
Sehri Ki Dua
Ramdan sabhi bayou ko mubarak ho
iintekhab khan , dammam May 27 2017
Sehri Ki Dua
All Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatahu. Kindly pay attention and save your fasting from loss I.e. the niyyat of Sehri... The translation is: Mai niyyat karta (karti) hu KAL ke (Tomorrow) roze ki... The Arabic Word (غد) means tomorrow and not today. The Islamic calender starts from Magrib and end on Magrib, so ultimately Fajr falls in the same day... So agar hum sehri may isi niyyat ko padhte hai to woh agle din ke roze ke liye hoti hai jisse uus din ka roza gaya... Isi tarah agar roz yahi maamul raha to saare hi roze niyyat ki wajah se zaya ho salte hai.. Aur haqiqat to yeh hai ke Allaah ke Rasool (s.a.w.) se koi bhi dua ya niyyat ke alfaaz saabit hi nahi hai. Allaah Ta'ala humay haq ko samajhne ki aur Qur'an aur Sunnat per amal karne ki tawfiq de...aameen.
Iqbal A. Karim, Muscat May 25 2017
Roza Rakhne Ki Dua
Ramadan Kareem is almost here, the holy and sacred month in which all the Muslims fast. This roza rakhny ki dua is the dua which all of us say in before fasting.
naseem, khi May 23 2017