By: Guest On 12 Sep 2013

This is King of Asia cow in Brown and white color from SHAH CATTLE FARM, cows of shah cattle farms enjoys liking in people because of their quality cows, the name Shah Cattle farm has become a brand name it self.

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Reviews on SHAH CATTLE FARM 2016
Shah cattle farmers are a good cares to their animals I took a survey many times to their cattle farms before they worked on mandi
Ubaid, Karachi Sep 05 2016
Shah cattle farm is brilliant cattle farm in Mandi I am fed up this year with it because they sold every huge anima from their cattle farm
Zaheer, Karachi Sep 01 2016
No doubt this is the biggest animal of this year in this huge Asia mandi but I don’t’ think so that it is affordable for me
Salman, Karachi Sep 01 2016
Shah Cattle farm is one of the beautiful cattle farm in Mandi when you went mandi so you should go there and see the both animals in reality they all are beautiful
Sarmad, Karachi Aug 30 2016
I want to know where Shah Cattle Farm is set in karachi cow mandi? i want to buy a cow from Shah Cattle Farm because i am also Shah
Zain, Karachi Aug 29 2016
Shah Cattle Farm is one the most beautiful cattle farm in cow mandi and they also have the biggest and beautiful cows ever
Noor, Karachi Aug 28 2016
bhai ye janw rang ka badsha bhoat rangbaz janwer hai achi mhenat ki ha mashaAllah
ahmad raza, Multan Nov 07 2014
nice bs colour se bhot a6a hai
Ahmad raza, Multan Nov 07 2014
nice bs colour se bhot a6a hai
Ahmad raza, Multan Nov 07 2014
If you want to buy a beautiful big cow then you should go to shah cattle farm and see their cows... we just purchase cattle farm cows and shah farm cows are brilliant
Suman, Karachi Oct 02 2014
For all those guys who are asking the question about SHAH CATTLE FARM is Shaid Afridi cattle farm then here is the answer it is not Afridi farm ok its SHAH CATTLE FARM only
Noman, Karachi Oct 01 2014
Very lovely cow King of Asia 2013 from SHAH CATTLE FARM but its previous year cow and where is the latest year 2014 cow.
Abbas, Karachi Sep 30 2014
shah cattle farm or dilpasand cattle farm all are bad they inject anabolic steroid injected to cows that is why they muscles grow twice and they look more heavy but eating extra steroid meet is harmful for women and kids
Fahim, Karachi Sep 29 2014
we visited shah cattle farm last night with my family and we see soo many huge bulls and cows over there it was shocking when we as the prices of cows and janwars of cattle farm.. non of them was below 5 lacs rupees i think there prices was soo ok and reasonable.. the cows was very good
Ali, Karachi Sep 27 2014
i want to go to shah cattle farm 2014 let see i hope on sunday or Saturday i will go to mandi so will also visit shah cattle farm... i am very busy now a days because just after the eid it my marriage
Noman, Karachi Sep 26 2014
ap ko pata he k ham in janwer ko bura nahi keh rahe he lekin ap in ko it mota kar de te he k in se apna wazan bhi sambhala nahi jata he u derty peoples
mavia, karachi Sep 25 2014
I like this bull of shah cattle farm 2014 please show me the face of this animal i think this cow would cost more than 3 lacs in today cow mandi anyways farm cows are expensive everybody knows and only rich people buy cows from cattle farms
Umar, Karachi Sep 25 2014
I also want to make a cattle farm like shah cattle farm 2014 but i have no such place where i grow animal i think this business is very good in Pakistan i will do this business In Sha Allah
Urman, Karachi Sep 24 2014
I never see the face of price i like better cow and i want my cow to be the best in all that is why i buy my cow from shah cattle farm 2014 their cows are good i have seen video of Shah Cattle Farm Cow Mandi 2014 Video Bull King it was nice
Rashid, Karachi Sep 23 2014
shah cattle farm 2014 is set in Cow mandi or not??? i like farm cows so i do not waste my time in walking around the whole mandi i just visit Cattle farms and buy my desired cow.
Ali, Khi Sep 22 2014
Please tell me where is shah cattle farm 2014 is set.. My neighbor has been visited shah cattle farm he was telling me about the cows and their rates but such cows are really price worthy.
Alam, Khi Sep 20 2014
SHAH CATTLE FARM is my friends relative cow farm... please add videos of SHAH CATTLE FARM Cow Mandi 2014 and add more pics and also add more funny Bakra Eid Pics i like this website... Eid Mubarak and bakra Eid Mubarak.
Alam, Khi Sep 19 2014
Is Shah Cattle Farm own by shahid Afridi...? I think yes well i am not sure about that which is why i am asking this question. Please answer my question i visit cow mandi so i saw a tent of Shah Cattle Farm 2014 and their cows were really awesome they have best cows in whole Cow Mandi
Sarim, Khi Sep 18 2014
Oops! Look at the skin of king of asia, this is a very softy and shiny and the length of this beautiful animal is too much.
muneeb, khi Aug 25 2014
Masha Allah, this is truly a king of asia. What is the demand of this beautiful cow? The weight of this cow is approximately eight ton.
taaha, khi Aug 21 2014
ALLAH nazr'bd sy bachy
waqas ahmed, pindi Jan 22 2014
Dear sir/ Madam we are looking reliable exporter for cow age2year weigh is 400to450kgs. quantaty 2500 cows if your intereted pkease feedback with all specification and c&f price hai phong vietnsm
Abrar Bukhari, Hanoi Nov 20 2013
Nice cow. What is the price of it.
Sabbir Hossain, Dhaka,Bangladesh Oct 26 2013
nice bafeallow i like it so much
Mudassar Iqbal, Gujrat Oct 07 2013
Nice cow?????/
shezi, karachi Oct 01 2013
awsum wht price
mahi, karachi Sep 26 2013
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