Cow Mandi 2016

Cow Mandi 2016
By: Irfan Mirza On 11 Oct 2012

Cow Mandi 2016- The place where all the animals are showcased fro buying purpose, people visit cow mandi and buy their animals cow qurbani, there are also cattle farms set in Gai Mandi of which some famous cattle farms are Dilpasand Cattle Farm, Afridi Cattle Farm, Surmawala Cattle Farm and many other. You can see cows in the tent with light bulbs on top giving a magnificent look in the tent. Well this is not the whole cow mandi photo but a part of mandi. Watch more cow mandi photos, maweshi mandi 2016 pics, cow mandi pics 2016 and videos on
Catch the glimpse of some amazing cow pictures available for sacrifice.

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Reviews on Cow Mandi 2016
Yesterday my brother and my father bought the cow to Qurbani and our cow is very beautiful and healthy and it is very expensive
hadi, karachi Sep 15 2016
Bakra Eid is the is the Islamic occasion for Muslims in Bakra Eid the Muslims do qurbani for cows Bakra camel and many animals
Asad, Karachi Sep 06 2016
Every boy want to go the cow mandi absolutely as me I went cow mandi last time and it looks new everything in this year mandi
Shabir, Karachi Sep 05 2016
Lahore bakra mandi are very big in mandi animals are very aggressive and expensive people are soo crazy with any animal because animals are looks very pretty and huge and healthy
Zahid, Karachi Sep 04 2016
I hope this Eid Ul Adha will spread the smile on every Muslim face after many accidents in this year Insha’Allah so enjoy it and share the happiness to everyone
Absar, Karachi Sep 01 2016
I was selected the cow from sohrab goth mandi the color is read and also the healthier and heavy cow I choose
Uzair, Karachi Sep 01 2016
When I went mandi I can’t explain that my feelings I feel like buy every animal from there because they all are looking beautiful this year
Riyaz, Karachi Aug 31 2016
I was confused when I went there to buying a cow for immolation because every animal is truly beautiful you can’t decide what you should buy
Ali, Karachi Aug 30 2016
Nice pic of Cow Mandi .i am very excited to visit COw mandi this time last time i couldn't have gone because of some reason in my home.
Hina, Karachi Aug 29 2016
Thuis Bakra is truly aprreciateabale and I don’t think so that the rate of this Bakra is too higher as I searching for it this Sunday I will buy it InshaAllah
Ather, Karachi Aug 28 2016
I want to upload my album of cow mandi pics 2015 so please can somebody tell me the procedure of uploading photos on
Taha, khi Sep 09 2015
I visited cow mandi yesterday and now i am planning to go to mandi again on sunday with friends i hope this time i buy a cow
Ahzar, khi Sep 05 2015
I hope that this Eid ul Adha will spend in peace as Pakistan is facing so much political instability in last few months. I hope that everyone celebrate this day with great pleasure and high hopes.
Ahmed, Karachi Aug 31 2015
There is no cow mandi pics 2015 all these photos are of previous years please admin make add new latest photos..
Shan, khi Aug 27 2015
Your cow mandi pics are very nice but there is no button t download these cows pictures.. please add a button or option that we can download them in one click.
Hania, khi Aug 26 2015
please add more cow mandi pics 2015 on hamariweb and also on your facebook page
Tahir, khi Aug 25 2015
I have 3 photos of cow mandi these pictures are clicked by me... i want hamariweb to mention photo credits of my photos.
Haroon, khi Aug 25 2015 please upload cow mandi pics 2015 I think you should be there at the time of mandi being set in todays morning... hamairweb team needs more staff for these activity works
Rehan, Khi Aug 24 2015
The photo of maweshi mandi 2015 is not clear i can not see the cows clearly please change this picture with new one and make sure the new photo is HD so that we can see cows properly in mandi.
Talha, Khi Aug 24 2015
i come on friday ya saturday i mandi
yaseen khan, karachi Oct 01 2014
hy i am come in mandi
yaseen khan, karachi Oct 01 2014
Nice pic of Cow Mandi ... i am very excited to visit COw mandi this time last time i couldnt have gone cus of some reason
Samir, Karachi Aug 30 2014
NICs pcs
arzaan mansuri, mumbai Oct 14 2013
very nice
raja.usman, rawalpindi;-) Oct 23 2012
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