Hazrat Ali Quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes
By: Guest On 26 Aug 2013

Hazrat Ali Quotes:
Quotes of Hazrat Ali R.A are very famous because of full of meanings and sensibility, Hazrat Ali R.A has written thousands of quotes about love, quotes about life, quotes about friendship, quotes about humanity, quotes about education and a lot more. This is one of Hazrat Ali Quote in Urdu. Find more Hazrat Ali sayings on hamariweb.com.

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Reviews on Hazrat Ali Quotes
mola ali I love u ali ali bol gum na aa way kol haq sah da qol Ali Ali Ali Ali bol
Ayne Khan, lalian Jun 16 2015
Hazrat Ali Quotes are best quotes in world but bad thing is people make their own wording and add Hazrat Ali Quotes tag.
hamza, khi Feb 25 2015
Only Hazrat Ali Quotes are best i also condemn that some people forward messages without confirming that it is actual or not.
Hamza, khi Feb 23 2015
Hazrat Ali Quotes are very meaningful i like Hazrat Ali's quotes i want to say that please do not send message by name of Hazra Ali R.A until you are not fully sure.
qadir, khi Feb 20 2015
Subhan Allah.Ah Allah humay Ali bin Abi Talib a.s ki heyyat mubarak pa amal karnay ki tofeeq ata farma Ameen.
Ghulam Abbas Sial, karachi Jan 23 2015
Hazrat Ali Quotes are very meaningful... i really hate and condemn people now a days spreading there saying by adding Hazrat Ali R.A in messages which is really a sin, please do not do this
Fahim, Karachi Dec 02 2014
This such a very nice quote by Hazrat Ali R.A that is why we say that think many time before say any thing and also keeping quite is a good habit and better to say any bad thing.
hashmi, khi Nov 20 2014
I like Hazrat Ali Quotes i was receiving some messages by the name of Hazrat Ali i want to say that please do not forward until you are confirmed that it is real and authentic. thanks
Iqbal Rana, Karachi Oct 28 2014
Many of the Hazrat Ali quotos are not correct which we receive in the shape of SMS but this site give you accurate quotos about Hazrat Ali (R.A).
maleeha, khi Oct 24 2014
Hazrat Ali quotes are very meaning full i have a full collection of album on Hazrat Ali RA Quotes. Some people send messages and write Hazrat Ali i strictly condemn this
Sajid, Karachi Oct 14 2014
so beautiful
Ahmed Sadat, Sialkot Jul 19 2014
insan ki zuban os k dil pechey hai jab bolta hai topta chal jata hai dil me kia hai. H.Z Ali A.S
waseem Abbas, pindibhattian Feb 15 2014
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