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This is one of most colorful category of snake a Blue Red colored snake, sides are red and light blue line on upper area.
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The Blue Parrotfish (Scarus coeruleus) is a member of the parrot fish genus Scarus. They are blue and can grow to up to 120 cm. It is found on cora...
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Very Beautiful Bird Red Lories It is the second most commonly kept lory in captivity, after the Rainbow Lorikeet.
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You would have never seen these beautiful green parrots in hundreds of quantity at a time searching on for food.
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large bird found in Central and South America known as The King Vulture also called Sarcoramphus papa. Find more images on
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They are also known as long-horned grasshoppers, although they are more closely related to crickets and weta than to any type of grasshopper. Many ...
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White color is always taken as a color of purity. see white beautiful Fox walking down on white snow. Looking very innocent. For more Beautiful ani...
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Reviews on Animals & Pets Photos
Blue Red Snake
Yasin Khan, Karachi Oct 16 2015
Transparent Fish
Those are eel larva, actually.
Ran, Tel Aviv Dec 22 2014
Amazing Colors
super colour scenary, i'm impressed
kavya, magadi dt:gadag Sep 27 2014
Wolf in Snow
That's a husky, not a wolf.
Steve, X Jun 21 2014
Black leopard
That's a jaguar, not a leopard.
Steve, X Jun 21 2014