Sea View Karachi

Sea View Karachi

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By Abdul Ghafor On Oct 06 2015 From khi.

Sea View is a date point i never see good families over there in night... where are all the Islamic political parties now why this bad culture is not removed yet?

By Zaka On Oct 02 2015 From khi.

Seaview is my favorite spot in Karachi. I must visit Seaview with friends each time i come Karachi. I am about to visit khi soon so Seaview to banta he lazmi.

By ali On Sep 30 2015 From khi.

Seaview... i am coming Saturday night i will be there with my friends its gonna be soo much fun on Saturday.

By Shaheryar mehmood On Dec 04 2014 From Peshawar.

So lovely and NYC

By Kumail On Dec 02 2014 From rome.

i spent my childhood in D.H.A karachi,i were cycling all over sea view roads,i luv karachi.

By Niamatullah On Nov 27 2014 From shangla.

I love karachi, but unfortunately i cant come there due to business. but insha allah i will visit there soon to see this view

By nasir On Oct 03 2014 From khi.

This is a very nice pic of sea view but now a days the color of its water is very dull, we need to care this beautiful asset and try to make it clean.

By ALi ASgHar SHah On Jul 22 2014 From hyderabad.

:) NiCe|y

By Sajid aslam On Apr 04 2014 From Muzaffrabad.

I like its...

By Asghar ali On Nov 21 2013 From karachi.

I part of this picture, beacuse i am pakistani.Asghar ali from karachi.

By Tayyab Zulfiqr On Jun 30 2013 From Moscow.

Thank you very much for such a beautiful view, I spent my childhood in Karachi and love to live there but unfortunately law and order situation is not suitable.

By m saleem usmani On Mar 23 2013 From karachi.

miss this view i love pakistani a nd karachi

By Rana Tabassum Pasha(Daur) On Nov 10 2012 From Dallas f w,USA.

Miss this View

By Arun On Nov 08 2012 From hyydprDHPCnJxetrVxj.

I wanted to spend a mniute to thank you for this.

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