A Beautiful view of Tarbela Dam, Pakistan

A Beautiful view of Tarbela Dam, Pakistan

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By Sidra On Oct 06 2015 From khi.

Is Tarbela dam is open for general public to visit and click pictures? please reply on my comment as soon as possible, we are going to on Pakistan tour i will visit Tarbela dam if its open.

By Hakim On Oct 02 2015 From khi.

I never thought that Tarbela Dam will be soo beautiful. Government should open this place for public visit and earn from tickets.

By Shahzaib On Sep 30 2015 From khi.

I want to see Tarbela Dam and click pictures, i am very excited to visit this great place. This dam look outstanding very beautiful in its own way.

By Nihadali On Feb 03 2015 From Peshwar.

Pakistan zindabad

By Ahmad On Nov 03 2014 From Charsadda.

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful and attracting countary around the world!but due to poor polition it looks like jail for pak people.

By Tahir ayaan On Aug 25 2014 From DG khan.

I love pak army and I also want to join army.....Pakistan zindabad.....

By Kashif On Apr 09 2014 From Karachi.

Pakistan is most beautiful country in the world i love my country and northern Area of Pakistan

By M Umair Amin On Mar 06 2014 From khanewal.

Lovely Weldon

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