Sher hi hai

Sher hi hai

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By Ainy On Oct 06 2015 From khi.

your news design of sher pics and joke photos is much more better. i love your jokes because they are not insulting and bad jokes all sher pics are soo good meet the level of standard .

By Aqib On Oct 02 2015 From khi.

Piyar me sher bhi kutta ban jata he. aur kutta bhi sher ban jata he .. bat sari situation ki he depend karta he.

By Farhan On Sep 30 2015 From khi.

sher pics are very funny, please try to add more sher funny pics like this. I like Funny poetry rather than love and romantic poetry. Add more its request

By Rana Tabassum Pasha(Daur) On Oct 16 2013 From Dallas,USA.

پیار کے چکر میں پڑ کر تو آدمی کی شکل کتے جیسی ہو جاتی ہے یہ نکما شیر کیا چیز ہے

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