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Bakra Eid 2019 Images – Eid ul Adha is just around the corner and Muslims started preparations for the mega Islamic event. However, this day a great importance in Islam as has relation with two great prophets, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and his son Hazrat Ismaeel (AS). Each year, Muslims celebrate Eid Adha to remember the sacrifice by these great Islamic figures. People buy sacrificial animals to perform their obligation of Qurbani. On the other side, children also become excited for Eid Al Adha as they want to take care of their beloved animals. People visit cattle farms along with their friends and family members to buy sacrificial animals.

On Eid Al Adha, after the Qurbani, people invited each other for dinner and parties. They serve each other delicious food items and meaty recipes. A lot of people do charity to bring happiness in the community. They also donate meat to poor and needy people for that purpose. No event can be completed without pictures so Bakra Eid 2019 images are also an essential part of Eid al Adha.

People take images with animals to double their excitement. You can check the Funny Bakra Eid 2019 Images available on this page. From buffaloes and cows, you can find different Bakra Eid 2019 images that you can easily download and can also share with your friends and family. On this page, you can find the latest cow mandi of Sohrab Goth cow pic, bakra eid 2019 pics gallery from famous cattle farm 2019 like Dilpasand Cattle Farm, Surmawala Cattle Farm, 786 Cattle farm, Rabbani Cattle Farm, BM Afridi Cattle Farm & others. Get the most famous bakra eid qurbani photos and bakra eid images online. HamariWeb photos section bringing you the best Pakistani Cows, bakra, dumba and camels pics available on the internets. Get huge collection submitted by users, Find and share the craze of bakra eid qurbani janwer latest photos & pictures with your friends on facebook, whatapp and twitter.

Sakran Dairy Farm

Comments 83  |  Views 2188

Bin Adam Cattle Farm 2019

Comments 83  |  Views 2015

Surti Cattle Farm Grand Opening

Comments 83  |  Views 2830

786 Cattle Farm Grand Opening 2019

Comments 0  |  Views 2407

Hasnain Cattle Farm Grand Opening

Comments 83  |  Views 2703

Jamal Cattle Farm 2019

Comments 83  |  Views 3120

Surmawala Cattle Farm 2019

Comments 0  |  Views 2629

Check The Beauty Of Fine Cattle Farm

Comments 0  |  Views 4761

Ansari Cattle Farm 2018

Comments 83  |  Views 3808

Gulabi Naak - D Cattle Farm 2018

Comments 0  |  Views 8244

Masha Allah! Beautiful Bull 2018

Comments 1  |  Views 8789

Black Camel Sohrab Goth Mandi 2018

Comments 1  |  Views 10325

Masha Allah! Beauty King

Comments 83  |  Views 7295

So Cute

Comments 84  |  Views 6613

Masha Allah! Beautiful Bakra 2018

Comments 1  |  Views 23857

Masha Allah! Check This Amazing Breed

Comments 1  |  Views 5209

Tiger Bachra In Surti Cattle Farm 2018

Comments 4  |  Views 7644

Malik Cattle Farm 2018

Comments 84  |  Views 4198

Jamal Cattle Farm Beauties 2018

Comments 0  |  Views 5178

DZ Cattle Farm 2016

Comments 83  |  Views 4874

Heaviest Bull In Surti Cattle Farm 2016

Comments 1  |  Views 3305

Kia Baat Kardi

Comments 84  |  Views 3207

‎Sibbi‬ 2016 Masha Allah

Comments 84  |  Views 5180

Beauty In 786 Cattle Farm 2016

Comments 1  |  Views 4148

Masha Allah Buhut Piyari Cow Hai

Comments 1  |  Views 3107

Beautiful Desi Cow 2016

Comments 84  |  Views 5607

Beauty In Memon Cattle Farm 2016

Comments 0  |  Views 4580

Masha Allah

Comments 84  |  Views 3411

Full Khatarnaaak

Comments 83  |  Views 2905

Oye Hoye Kia Baat Hai

Comments 84  |  Views 3281

Sibbi Bulls 2016

Comments 83  |  Views 3732

Two Beautiful White Nukhri

Comments 1  |  Views 2088


Comments 84  |  Views 3391

Masha Allah White Beauty

Comments 0  |  Views 4388

Upcoming Beauties In 2016

Comments 0  |  Views 2330

White Beauty from Buksh Cattle Farm 2016

Comments 0  |  Views 3369

Reviews on Bakra Eid Bakra Eid Photos

Very Tall Bakra For Bakra Eid 2014

By Gabil On Mar 26 2017 From +994555162263.

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Masha Allah! Gulabi Bakra In Sohrab Goth Mandi 2016

By Ali On Sep 15 2016 From Karachi.

Before some days I saw this type of bakra near my home I really like bakra because the meat of bakra is very efficacious for any human

Bakra Eid 2016

By resham On Sep 15 2016 From karachi.

On 2015 bakra Eid was very bored anybody could slept whole day in my home and feel very alone so was played many type of games

288.5 kg goat in Faisalabad

By fehmeda On Sep 15 2016 From karachi.

On this photo the goat is looking very healthy and pretty I think this is too much expensive my brother really like this type of animals

Hai Koi Muqably Ka...?

By nida On Sep 15 2016 From pindi.

This is an amazing cow when I saw this pic I am shocked because this cow is looking the type of bull and it’s white colour is very nice

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