Siasi Lateefay

Siasi Lateefay

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Latest Reviews

By M Imran On Dec 12 2015 From Jhang.

Hahaha so cute

By annie On Oct 19 2015 From khi.

I also like the siasi lateefay in this site but I want to share some more new quotes and funny statements against the political parties, how can I share it in this site, any one tell me the procedure.

By Imran sahi On Oct 10 2015 From Sailkot.

I love siasi comedy

By Ali On Oct 02 2015 From khi.

The lateefa was good i read loud this lateefa in front of my grand father he laughed too much that he started to cough

By Ssaim On Sep 29 2015 From khi.

Hahah very funny i love urdu lateefay pictures of Hamariweb.. visit their facebook page they add jokess over there daily

By Anwar Shahzad Kiani On Sep 02 2014 From Multan.

I Love Funny Jokes And Pics / Cartoon Special Political Jokes Pics & Cartoon

By Raju On Apr 09 2014 From Karachi.

Hahhahaha well said well done.... Thats true next time you would be begging like me this line was awesome

By aasia irfan On Oct 30 2013 From burewala.

Very funnnny jock

By mano On Oct 02 2013 From islambad.

hahahhahahaha very funny

By usman On Aug 19 2013 From UAE Alain.

mazah haya thank,s

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