Imran Khan Sons Sulaiman Isa Khan and Qasim Khan

Imran Khan Sons Sulaiman Isa Khan and Qasim Khan

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Latest Reviews

By tooba On Oct 11 2015 From lahore.

nice pic .i am biggest fan of pti and ik.

By Sarim On Oct 02 2015 From khi.

The name of his son Sulaiman Isa Khan seems weird to me. Sulaiman and Isa they are two names and then Khan in the end makes it more lengthy.

By Ria On Sep 30 2015 From khi.

son of imran khan are very cute Thank God they dont look like their father, Imran Khan is not handsome he does not look cool as if his sons.

By raheel On Jul 16 2015 From jhelum.

I am a big fan of imran khan we love u imran khan.May god bless u and give the all the happiness of your life that u deserve

By rose On Jul 13 2015 From lahore.

you are so beautiful salim

By Mianamirzamir On May 24 2015 From Mianchannu.


By rida On May 22 2015 From rawalpindi.

very nice

By Saqib On Feb 25 2015 From khi.

imran khan sons are very cute imran khan was also very cute but now he look like chines budha.. he should not shave he should keep beard it may look good on him.

By Shahzaib On Feb 23 2015 From khi.

Now we are waiting for Imran and Reham Khan Son pictures May Allah give them a Cute little baby ... the naya baby for naya pakistan.

By Jivan On Feb 20 2015 From Mumbai.

This is very old pic of imran khan sons now both are grown up his elder son is doing graduation and i think.

By anam On Nov 19 2014 From nawabshah.

imran khan im ur big fan . u r best for future of pakistan.i wil always pray 4 u and ur family

By shanaya On Nov 16 2014 From faisalabad.

we r all wid u imran khan n ur son isb also vry cut as well...

By ayeshapervaiz On Oct 30 2014 From karachimalirgulistansociety.

you are great leader your sons are soooooo cute but i love qasim soooooooooooooo

By ayeshapervaiz On Oct 30 2014 From karachimalirgulistansociety.

you are a great leader and your sons sooooo cute but i love qasim he was wonderful guyee

By Abida Rana On Oct 20 2014 From Gujrat.

Soo sweet and cute May ALlah bless them with lot of treasure of protection .

By Ubaid ALi On Oct 14 2014 From Karachi.

Who is isa khan and who is suleman khan in both of them? now they kids have all grown up they look like Americans

By Palwasha khan On Oct 01 2014 From Mardan.

May allah give u long life...amin

By JB KHAN On Sep 29 2014 From LAHORE.


By hajra aftab On Aug 28 2014 From lahore.

Imran khan u r the best father best leader and the best human being I am ur diehard fan

By sareer khan On Aug 27 2014 From peshawar.

i like u on the belief of ur great leader imran khan so keep ur head of ur das up and continous his stugle best wishes pti and greatest ever in the world imran khan

By Azhar afridi On Aug 24 2014 From peshawar.

so cute kids....and so u imran khan

By asma On Aug 23 2014 From jhlm.

Imran khan must be given a chance to rule pakistan but recommendation is he needs to be more prfessionly mature in politics n needs to b e careful and show patience before he comments .Best wishes imran khan!

By Maria On Aug 20 2014 From London.

Thank God these kids are growing up in the UK! They wont become terrorists and start blowing things up. Thank God!

By Irsa Ali peshwer On Aug 18 2014 From peshwer.

Soooooo cute imran khan ap kay bathay bohot cute ha Allah unhay lambi zindagi day

By maliha asghar On Aug 17 2014 From faisalabad.

they r very beautiful luv u imran khan i m yur big fan may allah bless you in every field of life ameen

By Sheikh zafran khan mandokhail On Aug 15 2014 From zhob,Quetta.

May Allah protect imran khan.

By km On Aug 14 2014 From Jhelum.

Very nice

By shahida khwajezada On Jul 29 2014 From schenectady,New york USA.

The one on the left is the handsome!!! HE'S very Handsome <3 =) He is socuutte!!!OMG

By M HUZAIFA AFZAL On Jun 19 2014 From shakargarh [narowal].

imran khan you are a goodnatured person


imran khan you are a goodnatured man. i am your fan...

By waqas ahmad pti On May 22 2014 From balakot pakistan.

i love imran khan sab . I love pti . Humri duaye apky sath hain khan sahb.

By Lalla On Apr 10 2014 From Karachi.

Both boys are soo cute looks like Canadian resident... Imran Khan is pathan and pathan people has ferangi shades in features

By ikramullah niazi On Jan 21 2014 From mianwali.

Good imrankhan isy tarha ha dat kar lagy raho,

By anwarzeb frm mardan kpk On Dec 24 2013 From khebar pakhton khwa mardan.

imran khan af bohut achey ho aor af ke bache bohut achey he ao af ke bacho ka bohut bara fan hoo

By AK On Aug 05 2013 From lahore.

Mashallah god bless you both, may you and your dad have long and healthy life and soon you shall be sons of pakistans prime minister inshallah

By Saheem On Jul 18 2013 From Oman, Muscat.

May Allah protect you always ,, Ameen

By hamza On Jun 21 2013 From pesahwer.

i likeeeeeee it

By shakil khan On Jun 06 2013 From Luton.

i hope Allah subhanthallah makes your father better he is a legend and will stay in our hearts forever make it easy for all your family

By Fatima Burhan On May 24 2013 From Lahore .

May they have all the goodness

By Badaruddin On May 23 2013 From larkana.

hello, amed he ke aap thek hongai , me ap ko buht chahta h qasim bhai

By Shanze On May 19 2013 From Lahore.

Um.. Who's qasim and who's suleiman?

By Syed Basharat On May 15 2013 From islambad.

so nice

By syeada maliha On May 13 2013 From multan.

imran khan is very great personlity and iam a huge fan he is very handsome salam is very cute pathan lag rahy hai

By Muhammad Asif On May 13 2013 From Lahore.

may them live long and kept them on Islam.

By anie On May 12 2013 From karachi.


By Annie On May 12 2013 From karachi.

oooay , khachra chone waly pathan lg rahy hn :D :P

By haiya noor On May 09 2013 From lahore.

mashaAllah...both r v cute...looking handsome in pakistani dress....Allah bless u....

By Arshad Khan On May 05 2013 From Islamabad.

Beautiful Kids but they live with their Mother and her boyfriend Hugh grant with whom they also share fun. Very Pity.

By sajid khan khattak On Mar 31 2013 From karak kp.

Salam to both cute faces of chairmen pti imran khan.... v keep hope from both as same as v have large number of hopes from ik ..... love u both and see u in pakistan

By wasim On Mar 13 2013 From lhr.

i like what imran khan said in her last speech at Peshawar what his sons can not be the chairman of pti if they get any of big seat in pti he will left u imran khan..

By ruba On Mar 09 2013 From karachi.

soo cutee kids ... like imran khan thay both are very handsome guyss.. i sure they will do something with imran khan and for pti.. best of luck kids

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