Bakra Eid 2016

Bakra Eid 2016

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Latest Reviews

By resham On Sep 15 2016 From karachi.

On 2015 bakra Eid was very bored anybody could slept whole day in my home and feel very alone so was played many type of games

By Azad On Sep 06 2016 From Karachi.

Tomorrow my family will gone to bought the animal for bakra Eid we have to celebrating the bakra eid with animals

By Khalid On Sep 04 2016 From Karachi.

Last year I was sick so could not went to survey bakra and cow mandi but now I am perfect to go in mandi I am very excited to seen bakra and cows

By Asad On Aug 30 2016 From Karachi.

They are not expensive last night I took a survey with my friend and it was the incidence that I went there and also touch the rates of these cows

By Aslam On Aug 28 2016 From Karachi.

Their demand was sot ought before two days I went Mandi and seen these cows but I truly didn’t satisfy with their rates

By Ahmed On Aug 28 2016 From Karachi.

This is Bakra is really beautiful can you show the price of it because I want to take an idea about the mandi rates

By Huzaifa On Sep 01 2015 From karachi.

give me rate of under 55 thouand cow please and picture

By sajid On Aug 27 2015 From khi.

I think it may be a one week old image of mandi because yesterday I got visit in the mandi, you know it was a huge crowd which I found there after the dinner and the animals are also unload in the large quantity.

By Ali On Aug 24 2015 From Khi.

I am very excited nowadays because my parents has allowed me to visit gai mandi in bakra eid 2015. Last year i was very ill which is why i could not go to mandi with my friends but now i am perfectly alright and ready to go to visit Mandi.

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