Beautiful & Unique Bull In Afridi Cattle Farm 2016

Beautiful & Unique Bull In Afridi Cattle Farm 2016

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Latest Reviews

By Adnan On Sep 06 2016 From Karachi.

This cow is very huge I really like the long and clumsy cow and this cow is not only fat this is very beautiful and attractive cow

By Shoaib On Sep 04 2016 From Karachi.

This cows photos are too pretty and beautiful in photos man height and cow height are almost same last night saw the type of this cow in our street and its also very beautiful and healthy

By Ashir On Aug 30 2016 From Karachi.

What an amazing heavy cow it is truly beautiful can you show me the price of it but up to date price

By Sami On Aug 28 2016 From Karachi.

Really Huge cow in Afridi cattle farm this year this cow attract every person but not so beautiful it is as I have seen it in reality

By Shabbir On Aug 28 2016 From Karachi.

One Big and beautiful cow and the one Bakra only two animals I immolate every Eid and this Eid I also repeat my this habit Insha’Allah

By shahroz On Sep 26 2015 From karachi.

The first pic is awsome.

By shahroz On Sep 26 2015 From karachi.

I like the first cow.

By Samad On Sep 15 2015 From khi.

This cow is not pakistani cow i can bet because in pakistan no one uses this stick and you can see the background of images which clearly says its foreign cow... anyways other cow pics are nice

By Mehtab On Sep 15 2015 From Lahore.

This cow is so healthy please tell that which cattle farm cow is it?

By Arshad On Sep 09 2015 From khi.

Very cute bull.. are you out of your mind Haris i think you need eye checkup and if animal is not cute then please you should not say like this because he is to be slaughter for the sake of Allah.

By Haris On Sep 05 2015 From khi.

Its not cute nor it is beautiful i think your selection of cow pics is not good you need a better person to upload pictures.

By Ali On Sep 02 2015 From khi.

I love this this beautiful huge big bull. how much anyone knows the prices ??? i love cow pics and bakra pics

By Fida On Aug 31 2015 From Karachi.

This is not a simple cow it is a bull cow due to is its hugeness. I don’t like such type cows that are too huge and takes so much place to handle.

By Katy On Aug 27 2015 From khi.

Very nice cow pics i am also very fond of collecting cow photos and hamariweb is best place to find cow pictures.

By abbas On Aug 27 2015 From khi.

In this year what should be the price of this huge cow in your opinion? I think it may be over 2 lakh rupees because the size is huge and also it is very beautiful which I see in the image, I also buy the same size.

By shahrukh On Aug 27 2015 From khi.

Wow! This such a huge size of cow which I like, I also saw the same size cow in the last year in the lasania cattle farm, I thought it was almost eight ton in the weight and the color was very beautiful which I like.

By Harron On Aug 26 2015 From khi.

I love cow pics i capture all cows of my area i make album of different cows and bakras, collecting cow pics is my hobby and i like my this hobby.

By Tallha On Aug 25 2015 From khi.

Is it Pakistani cow or other cow, i dont think its Pakistani cow please tell me i am very confused.

By Umar On Aug 25 2015 From khi.

This is very big cow picture the man head and cow head is on same height. how much for this cow?

By Asad On Aug 25 2015 From khi.

hamariweb cow pics are very nice i can see many pictures and videos on hamariweb. I want to upload my cow pics but do not how to do this...

By Jalalbukhari118 On Jun 23 2015 From Saiwal.

Sahiwal cow is best

By noor On Jul 05 2014 From karachi.

nice pick

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