Dilpasand Cattle Farm Cow 2015

Dilpasand Cattle Farm Cow 2015

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Latest Reviews

By Taha On Sep 10 2015 From khi.

What is the price of this cow of Dilpasand Cattle Farm, the current year's Dilpasand Cattle Farm cows are not good most are fatty they are not active some looks like they got steroid injected.

By Anas On Aug 26 2015 From khi.

Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2015 is gonna rock i am also very excited to visit mandi and visit Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2015.

By shahroz On Aug 25 2015 From khi.

Dilpasand Cattle Farm is my favorite i loved their cows, i wish i could buy a cow from Dilpasand Cattle Farm.

By Najam On Aug 24 2015 From Khi.

Very beautiful cow but i am not sure is it from Dilpasand Cattle Farm really because there is not sign or logo of Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2015... by its background it seem like the cow is having a walk in street.

By Ayaz On Sep 26 2014 From Karachi.

I do not like this dilpasand cattle farm cow she is not pretty and i think there would be more fat rather than meat because as you can see she is not looking active cow

By Yasir On Sep 25 2014 From Karachi.

Can anybody please give me address of dilpasand cattle farm... last time i did not go to dilpasand farm but this time i heard dilpasand cattle farm 2014 has soo big animals

By Umair On Sep 24 2014 From Karachi.

I like Dilpasand Cattle Farm Cow 2014 some people say their cows are not good they put injections in their body buy i think its not true i have bought cow from Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2014 lets see it first time i am buying that a cow

By Amir On Sep 23 2014 From Karachi.

dilpasand cattle farm 2014 is very awesome i have been there last week and now i am planning to go there again.. i will try to buy a cow if cow owner is agree on my selected price... Dilpasand Cattle Farm cows are beautiful and big

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