Malir Mandi Cows 2016

Malir Mandi Cows 2016

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Latest Reviews

By Qadir On Sep 05 2016 From Karachi.

Malir mandi is near to my house and last that’s why I took a survey from their and there are also a good animals available for immolate I don’t think so I should go to sohrab now

By Zuhab On Sep 01 2016 From Karachi.

In Malir I was easily bought the huge cow what I think about and I recommended to all of the buyers that go there at least once

By Chand On Aug 30 2016 From Karachi.

I want to know where Malir Cow Mandi is set in karachi ? i want to buy a cow from Malir Mandi because i am living near malir ,

By Umair On Aug 29 2016 From Karachi.

i hate Malir mandi 2016 cow potty every where i am allergic to dust and i hate mandi because there is no clean and neat area

By Naeem On Aug 28 2016 From Karachi.

And finally the season of eid is completely here and now I will decided to buy Bkara on this and also a white Bull what my daughter told me she like

By Wahad On Sep 15 2015 From Lahore.

It is necessary for us to comment here positive about these pictures that you people displayed here on this platform.

By Farhan On Sep 09 2015 From khi.

I live in Malir but i never purchased cow from Malir Mandi, sohrab goth mandi is best we have to pay suzuki fair but we go sohrab and buy cows.

By Farzan On Sep 05 2015 From khi.

Malir Mandi Cows 2015 are nice but can not beat the beauty and range of cows of sohrab goth cow mandi market 2015

By Amjad On Aug 24 2015 From Khi.

Visiting Malir Mandi Cows 2015 is waste of time the prices are very high i had been Malir Mandi Cows last year and believe me it was the bad day of my life i got tired and found nothing useful.

By Kabiir On Sep 27 2014 From Karachi.

I live in malir but i never see malir mandi it is very far away from my residency although we buy janwar from sohrab goth

By Haji On Sep 26 2014 From Karachi.

malir mandi is not as good as like sohrab goth cow mandi i see lots of stuff in Sohrab mandi the its very big and huge but malir mandi is very short and limited

By Akbar On Sep 25 2014 From Karachi.

Malir Mandi Cows are not good there is less verity of cows if we compare with sohrab goth cow mandi... i have visited all the mandis of karachi even a society mandi

By Asan On Sep 24 2014 From Karachi.

Karachi malir Mandi is also a good place to buy cows and bakra for bakra Eid i think people near malir should go to malir cow mandi because who would go to sohrab goth cow mandi it is soo far away from malir

By Umar On Sep 23 2014 From Karachi.

malir mandi is not good cow mandi...karachi malir mandi is normal cow mandi it can never compete with Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi 2014

By Irshad On Sep 22 2014 From Khi.

Yes i know where is Malir Mandi Cows 2014... it is near to my uncle home we visit our uncle home so we also go in this Malir Mandi.

By Noman On Sep 20 2014 From Khi.

Where is this malir mandi cows 2014 is set? I have never seen and heard about the such name of Cow Mandi before i heard Malir Nadi, Malir Farm but first time malir mandi.

By Naveed On Sep 19 2014 From Khi.

I live in Malir and my home is near to Malir Manid, the Malir Mandi 2014 is not good last year there was nice cows but this time there are normal average cows i think after some days they will bring good cows in their cow mandi

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