Memon Cattle Farm 2016

Memon Cattle Farm 2016

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Latest Reviews

By Shakeel On Sep 05 2016 From Karachi.

I booked an cow from this cattle farm and I thought I got the reasonable price from their and very happy to buy it on rainy time

By Sarim On Sep 01 2016 From Karachi.

Memon cattle farm have a big amount of cows who are looking beautiful and huge and the thing is that they are not sold

By Shoaib On Sep 01 2016 From Karachi.

When I went there I was confused that which animal should I buy because of present animal is mostly beautiful than first animal I have seen

By Virat On Aug 30 2016 From Karachi.

Memon Cattle Farm can beat all the farm cows they trained and feed natural nuts and cows are very giant their cows and fight also

By yasir On Aug 29 2016 From Karachi.

Please tell me where is Memon cattle farm 2016 is set.. My neighbor has been visited Memon cattle farm he was telling me about the cows and their rates but such cows are really price worthy.

By Noman On Aug 27 2016 From Karachi.

I couldn't believe it Memon Cattle Farm if there wouldn't a banner behind the cow. Bul is very skinny i will buy this cow in 200000 not more than.

By Hamxa On Sep 05 2015 From khi.

I want to know where Memon Cattle Farm is set in karachi cow mandi? i want to buy a cow from Memon Cattle Farm because i am also memon

By Kashif On Aug 27 2015 From khi.

Are Memon Cattle Farm cows are memon??? sorry i dont meant to hurt my memon brothers

By AJmal On Aug 25 2015 From khi.

please also mention the price of these cows i think you should cover a survey interview of Memon Cattle Farm and ask about prices

By Faham On Aug 24 2015 From Khi.

Very beautiful cow from Memon Cattle Farm but this one is full of fat... you can see the thick skin of bull and muscle loss from the leg area and butt area... sometime farms cows are fatty not all are good.

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