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Rangoli Iftar And Sehri Deals 2017
What will be the charges of hidden taxes in Iftaar dinner deal by Rangoli including the rates of 1399/head? This time I want to celebrate Roza Kushai for my daughter in Arena.
saad, khi Jun 06 2017
Pizza Point Iftar And Sehri Deals 2017
Pizza Point also brings some new taste in Pizzas, this time I am looking for its new flavor which I will taste in the Iftaar deal. I think this Rs. 999 PKR 1 large Pizza deal is good to achieve.
sadaf, khi Jun 06 2017
Pizza Hut Iftar And Sehri Deals 2017
Which sorts of Pizzas are available in Iftar deal, can you please tell me the name of the Pizzas? Actually I am only interesting in Super Supreme and Chicken Fajita flavor Pizzas.
yasir, khi Jun 06 2017
Pearl Continental Iftar And Sehri Deals 2017
Would you like to give me some discount If I arrange an Iftar party with Special Iftaar Platter for 40 to 50 persons? Last year I also arranged a Sehri in Pearl Continental where my all the friends enjoyed a lot.
danial, khi Jun 06 2017
Optp Iftar And Sehri Deals 2017
Iftar Chicken Feast deal by OPTP is awesome with much quantity and good in taste which I took in the last Iftar. I love the crispy Chicken which is totally different in taste.
arshad, khi Jun 06 2017