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Latest Reviews

By WAIZ On Feb 23 2013 From Nairobi.

A brave and bold step indeed, someone had to break the ice and you did my child...keep it up. May GOD Bless upon you and give strength to others to follow you. Waiz, Nairobi.

By Aslam On Jul 30 2012 From Multan.

what about the idea husband sitting behind and wife driving? she will go no where except market for shopping

By SHAHID KHAN On Jul 28 2012 From london,.

never give up in life if you have faith on ALMIGHTY ALLAH

By Suresh Kumar On Jul 11 2012 From Hyderabad.

Mardon ki to Zarurat Pare gi

By m yousaf On Jun 24 2012 From LAHORE.

there is no harm if girls driving scooters,but they take little care about dresses

By azeem pasha On Jun 23 2012 From Dubai.

its a very complicated situation so no comments. if u see as generally that ladies can go anyware without to take help its okk but i thing this kind of rules will give extra freedom to a lady. may be my way of thinking are wrong so thatsway i said, no comments. thanks.

By Irfan On Jun 19 2012 From Lahore.

I think it is fine step toward the progress in Pakistan . Specially in this way women can be more active in different kind of daily activity of life. Women can move easily by it self in case of going any where with out help of brother and father. It is obvious now women are working should to should with men in the all kind of field like bank, offices, Hotels etc. So we must appreciate those women who can drive motorbike. In many countries like India, Vietnam, Philippine women drive bike and there is no problem at all. Now it is time to be optimistic other wise we will behind than other countries. but there is one good news for the people of Pakistan that Crime Minister of Pakistan is no more prime Minister of Pakistan.

By almas On Jun 15 2012 From lahore.

its a good step because there are many problems for the women in our country so government should be take initial step for this purpose........ there is no problem in india women use scotty in a high number... so why not in Pakistan????

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