Aaj Ki Achi Baat - Bura Waqt Aur Acha Waqt

Aaj Ki Achi Baat - Bura Waqt Aur Acha Waqt

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By yamin On May 17 2016 From khi.

With the help of this page I am success to download many religious photos which I share with my friends, 'Aaj ki achi baat' is also give a love message.

By eshaal On Apr 27 2016 From khi.

This quote is very true which give us great meaning in just one sentence. When you are in difficulties, no one wants to help you to get rid from the difficulty.

By sadaf On Apr 23 2016 From khi.

Such a lovely quote which I find on this page, this photo helping me a lot to learn the true facts of life. I think this quote is also related by Hazrat Ali.

By waqar On Apr 06 2016 From isl.

It’s a great reality of this world that no one wants to make any sorts of relationship when you are in any difficulty. Allah like those person who also keep His worship in any difficulty.

By AYESHA On Sep 25 2015 From fsd.


By Mohammad Ashfaq On Sep 04 2015 From Paniyara.

Maashaallah kya achi baaten batate hai

By shahab On Sep 02 2015 From delhi.

Islam is beautyful

By WAQAS ALI On Jun 29 2014 From KARACHI.


By Sana Bani On May 01 2014 From Karachi.

Well said this is soo true. i have experienced the both times and bad times taught me soo many things and also revealed soo many faces

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