Ayat e Shifa

Ayat e Shifa

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By BUSHRA On Apr 26 2016 From karachi.

These six verses are from the holy Quran. These verses are cure for every patient. All the verses should be recite on every patient. These verses are advised by some aalims. Please recite it daily and tell about it to your friends and family.

By rehan On Jun 18 2015 From khi.

guys do not fight till you have no clues no refrence

By Najam On Jun 11 2015 From khi.

how can you say these are Ayat e Shifa please give me any reference any thing that proves it is authentic

By Saad On May 28 2015 From Karachi.

Jazak Allah for sharing this treasure of Quran with us, you dont know how people are getting availed by this each day and you are also increasing in you good deeds as they got heal up.

By Eshrat On May 26 2015 From Karachi.

I use Ayatul Kursi for healing my head ache you can also wear or use purple color to minimize the pain in head like migraine or headache.

By Samir On May 19 2015 From kHI.

I recite Alhamd Sharif when i feel headache in my head and magically by the power of this Surah i feel sudden change in my headache. Subhan Allah

By abdul samad On Jun 29 2014 From karachi.

I also recite some verses of Surah Jin and Surah Luqman, ullama says these verses are also include in the list of ayat-e-Shifa.

By babar On Jun 26 2014 From karachi.

Recitation of Qul is also a great fazilat and Shifa for every diseases and Ayat-ul-Kursi is also a cure of many diseases. I think we recite it every time.

By huma On Jun 25 2014 From Karachi.

Jazak Allah for sharing the Ayat e Shifa

By Esha On Jun 20 2014 From Ukrain.

There are seven Ayat e Shifa of what i know and these three are three of them.

By huma On Jun 19 2014 From Karachi.

Surah Fatiha is also the Ayat e Shifa

By Nida On Jun 17 2014 From Karachi.

Are these Ayat e Shifa? i mean by reciting these Ayat can we get heal?

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