Hadees Pak

Hadees Pak

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Latest Reviews

By Fahad On Apr 26 2016 From karachi.

Dil main ishqe nabi ki ho aisi lagan roh tadapti rahe dil machalta rahe. it is a best islamic portal,The life of prophet Mohammad(PBUH) is a real way to go near Allah.

By saad On Apr 06 2016 From khi.

This Hadees is very beautiful which shows the rights of servants according to the way of Islam. To get the Islamic photos and any Hadees I just browse this interesting page.

By kainat On Jun 29 2014 From karachi.

I also act upon this hadith because islam gives the right for the whole categories people.

By Abrar On Jun 25 2014 From Karachi.

Never write Hadees Pak only always add SAW with this

By Kanwal On Jun 20 2014 From Karachi.

Subhan Allah i like this Hadees Pak we should read and act on Hadees. I never make bad behavior over my servants

By Amjad On Jun 19 2014 From Karachi.

Subhan Allah Very Nice Hadees Pak

By Susan On Jun 17 2014 From Karachi.

Very nice hadees pak about the Servants

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