Iftar Ki Dua

Iftar Ki Dua

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Latest Reviews

By Jawed On Apr 28 2018 From khi.

This Islamic session shows the different Duas relating the month of Ramadan. Iftar Ki Dua is the most beneficial and also helps to give Barakat in Iftar.

By affan On May 10 2017 From khi.

This pic of Iftar dua is such an amazingly nice which every word is clear and large text. It helps to read and also learn if you save it, really thanks to this Web.

By ubaid On May 17 2016 From khi.

Subhan Allah! May Allah except all the worships and except our Fasts which we only keep for the sake of Allah. He is so merciful and kindness.

By fatima On Apr 27 2016 From khi.

By the grace of Allah I am success to learn Iftar dua, it is very easy. Every Muslim person should learn all the dua related the month of Ramadan. Being a Muslim it is very important for us.

By yasir On Apr 23 2016 From khi.

I saved this Iftar Dua photo from my Computer desktop, it helps me a lot to learn. I hope before the month of Ramadan I success to learn this dua by heart, I give the credit to this page.

By Aliya On Jun 18 2015 From khi.

This is correct Iftar Ki Dua ... thanks guys

By Alima On Jun 11 2015 From khi.

i need Iftar Ki Dua and sehri ki dua both duas in one picture please hamariweb make one for me

By Hashim On Jun 09 2015 From Khi.

Very beautiful Iftar Ki Dua but quite confusing because of text the text is too close to each other

By Mani On May 28 2015 From Karachi.

I saw many people who does not pray Iftar Ki Dua and as the Maghrib call is prayed they attack on food like its the last time they are having it.

By Tahir On May 26 2015 From Karachi.

Very nice photo of Iftar Ki Dua, i want this dua in video and also add the button to share the picture on Facebook twitter and Google plus.

By Danish On May 19 2015 From kHI.

How can i pinterest this beautiful picture of Iftar Ki Dua, please tell me how to instagram these all nice and nice pictures.

By Dia On Jun 30 2014 From Lahore.

This is soo nice thanks for sharing Iftar Ki Dua

By sanam On Jun 29 2014 From karachi.

This is a sunnat dua of iftar because Muhammad (S.A.W.W) also recite this dua before iftaar and after that he break his fast.

By Yameen On Jun 26 2014 From Karachi.

Thanks a lot for sharing Sehri ki dua and Iftari ki dua with translation. I appreciate your working May Allah shower Rehmat in Ramadan and rest of all days. Aameen

By asad On Jun 26 2014 From karachi.

Ya Allah accept this dua and all the dua which we ask You or not because You know the every things which we need.

By Mina On Jun 25 2014 From Karachi.

Subhan Allah What a nice pic of Iftar Ki Dua ... Amazingly nice

By Mina On Jun 20 2014 From Karachi.

Iftar Ki Dua and Roza Iftar ki Dua And Iftari Ki Dua all are same but there is just name is different

By Farhana On Jun 19 2014 From Karachi.

Iftar Ki Dua or Iftari Ki Dua which word is correct.

By Kanwal On Jun 17 2014 From Karachi.

There Must be the Urdu Translation of Iftar Ki Dua mentioned in the image. but its ok i like this image.

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