Roza Rakhne Ki Niyat

Roza Rakhne Ki Niyat

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Latest Reviews

By haider On Apr 28 2018 From khi.

To learn the right way to perform fast I saved this photo, I am very thankful to you to share some religious information on this page.

By Mohd Mazahirul Hassan On May 28 2017 From New Delhi.

What Dua is this? "I am indenting to having fast for tomorrow in the month of Ramadan". When we eat Sahri today then the fast will be for today. How tomorrow comes in the picture?

By naseem On May 23 2017 From khi.

Ramadan Kareem is almost here, the holy and sacred month in which all the Muslims fast. This roza rakhny ki dua is the dua which all of us say in before fasting.

By Atif tahir On Jun 07 2016 From Hafizabad.

Mjy koi ya btaye ga kay ya kis hadees ma likhi hy dua....... Kay rozay rakhny ki dua yahi hy hadees ki roh say

By A.Rasheed Nakhuda On Jun 05 2016 From Karachi, Pakistan.

Yeh Roza rakhne ki niyat ya Dua kisi hadis se sabit hai. Agar kisi Muslim, Bukhai ya koi mustanad kitab me ye dua darz ho to barae mehrbani uska hawala de.

By wadiya On May 17 2016 From khi.

I saved this dua in my smart phone, actually I tried many times to learn this dua but couldn’t success to learn that’s why I download it.

By batool On Apr 27 2016 From khi.

I am successfully learn the dua with the help of this site. Roza Rakhnay ki dua is very easy, we should learn this dua by heart before the month of Ramadan.

By affan On Apr 23 2016 From khi.

This Roza Rakhne ki dua is also a Sunnat of Muhammad (S.A.W.W). We should learn this dua and also get learn by heart for you child since childhood.

By faraz On Apr 06 2016 From khi.

Being a muslim it is our responsibility to get learn this sorts of small dua for your child. I remembered when I learnt the dua of Sehri, it is also called Roza rakhnay ki neyat.

By lal mohd On Jul 14 2015 From delhi.

actually this web site hamariweb helping many muslims in many dinee ways, I really appreciate this site

By azad Ansari On Jun 19 2015 From nashik.

My favourites dua in one of the most

By faheem On Jun 18 2015 From khi.

Allah please mercy on us the weather is getting very hot please help muslim cool the weather

By Ali On Jun 11 2015 From khi.

very hot days wish Allah change the weather in Ramadan otherwise it will become very hard to fast

By Adil On Jun 09 2015 From Khi.

Why is everybody is getting crazy about the name of dua its just a Roza Rakhne Ki Dua simple is that why people are making it confusing???

By fahim On Jun 09 2015 From Khi.

This is very nice roza ki dua i think i should download this for mobile

By Noman On Jun 09 2015 From Khi.

I think its the picture of rozay ki dua

By Enayat On Jun 09 2015 From Khi.

Thank you hamariweb for sharing this awesome picture of Roze Ki Dua

By Safeer On Jun 03 2015 From Khi.

roza kholne ki dua mean the prayer we recite at the time of opening fast and roza band karne ki dua is the prayer which is being recited at the time of keeping fast in the Dawn.

By Faham On May 28 2015 From Karachi.

I need a mp3 file of Roza Rakhne Ki Dua in Urdu and Arabic both, please please can you arrange this to me or give any website link for mp3 duas.

By Gufran On May 26 2015 From Karachi.

thanks for sharing such beautiful nice pictures of Duas like Roza Kholne or Rakhne ki Dua. These fasting duas helped soo many people. Love hamariweb.

By Abeer On May 19 2015 From kHI.

I think its Roza Rakhne Ki Niyat but its ok some people says it Roza Rakhne Ki Dua, i read in Islamic book there was written Roza Rakhne Ki Niyat not Dua.

By Sal On Jun 30 2014 From Lahore.

I really like this idea of sharing Roza Rakhne Ki Dua

By maroof On Jun 29 2014 From karachi.

It is not a dua, it is neyat... I also want to say that the recitation of this dua is not necessary. If you perform sahri for the neyat of fasting it is just enough.

By Salman On Jun 26 2014 From Ismalabad.

Thanks a lot for sharing Roza Rakhne Ki Dua, I found many Ramadan related dua on this web I appreciate your working accordingly.

By fahad On Jun 26 2014 From karachi.

Some Ullama refuse this neyat of fasting, last two or three years I saw some changes in the neyat of Dua-e-Sahar. In my opinion there is no need to say specific words.

By Humaima On Jun 25 2014 From Karachi.

Only some days left we will all be reciting this Roza Rakhne Ki Dua

By Abrar On Jun 20 2014 From Karachi.

Subhan Allah there should be English translation of Roza Rakhne Ki Dua.

By Kanwal On Jun 19 2014 From Karachi.

Ay Allah Give Me Power and strength in Ramadan

By Ina On Jun 17 2014 From Karachi.

This is Roza Rakhne Ki Niat but it can all be said Roza Rakhne Ki Dua. Thanks

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