Shab e Qadr 2018

Shab e Qadr 2018

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Latest Reviews

By abbas On Apr 27 2018 From khi.

Shab e Qadr is quite near, its a chance for us to ask Hajit and Mughfirat for the act which did you in the past.

By Sara On Jun 30 2014 From Lahore.

Shab e Qadr is may be 27th night of Ramadan

By hammad On Jun 29 2014 From karachi.

No doubt it is also a quranic verse that this night is better than thousands night but only for those people who will success to avail all the blessings of this night.

By Osama On Jun 25 2014 From Karachi.

Shab e Qadr Is very Special Night I want some Article on Shab e Qadr.

By Amjad On Jun 20 2014 From Karachi.

Shab e Qadr 2014 Mubarak All muslims of the world and May Allah forgive your sines

By Abrar On Jun 17 2014 From Karachi.

Right Shab e Qadr is better than thousands of night. May Allah give us protection.

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